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Welcome to Info About Dogs

This website is created to provide you with a quality source of information about dogs. Whether you're searching for information about choosing the right dog, how to train it, or keep it healthy, you'll find it here. If you already have a dog or are planning on getting one, then you'll find this site very useful and informative.

It's been said that dogs are man's best friend. I, for one, believe it. I've been lucky enough to have the love of several dogs thoughout my life and feel my life has better for it.

As I write this, two of my best friends are lying by my side, a boxer-american bull mix named Daisy and a dachshund named Toby. They really seem more like children than pets.

Owning dogs, or any other pets, brings with it a lot of responibilty. Much like children,they depend on you for virtually everything. It's up to you to provide food, shelter, veterinary care, and most importantly your time.

For the time, effort, and money you spend caring for your dog you'll be rewarded with lifelong loyalty and friendship.

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Dog Raised Feeders The Only Way to Go
One of my favorite dog supplies I have is my dog raised feeders, one for each dog. I don’t necessarily SEE all the benefits – not tangibly anyway – but I KNOW how wonderful they are for my dog’s health. Not to mention avoiding spilled food more
Who is the Gourmet You or Your Dog
Thinking of cooking up a storm for your pooch? And that I assume you’re having difficulties in convincing your pooch eating his premium dog food. There are two issues here—Home-cooked meals verses commercial premium dog food. Whether or not one more
Myths about dogs
This article briefly tries to address myths surrounding different breeds of dogs. There are SO many stereotypes about SO many different breeds of the domestic dog. I would like to clear some of them up. First, I will start with a very more
Boxers Dogs as Pets Are they right for you
Pet Boxers, although low-maintenance, require your consistent attention, exercise, human interaction, consistent obedience training and lots of love. You cannot leave them to their own design for too long or they get lonely, bored and into trouble. more

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