5 Easy At Home Remedies For Dogs

As an alternative to using so many products from your pet store or veterinarian, you should consider trying a natural at-home dog remedy which might be better and safer for your dog. Why should you worry about this? Consider the long term effects for your dog’s health. Many of the commercial ingredients, chemicals or medicines are linked to various organ damage, cancers, heart problems, skin problems, and many other conditions that can develop over time with your dog. Thus the trend of dog owners like me sometimes turning to a natural dog remedy instead of relying on commercial products that can cause your dog to develop long term health problems.

Many of these natural home remedies for dogs are quite easy to obtain, often they are items you already have in your home. If fact, many of these items can be found in your kitchen. Here are a few examples of common sense, natural remedies:

1. Garlic can be used as a flea repellent.
2. Both mineral oil and olive oil work great for treating dogs with ear mites or ear infections.
3. If your dog has dry or irritated skin, try applying vitamin E in the form of a lotion.
4. Skin problems from allergies can be tough to manage, especially if the problem is fairly wide spread.

My dog has had terrible problems with the skin allergies. Try oats in bath water. My dog doesn’t like the bath but his rough skin on his hind legs do improve significantly from doing this.

5. Epsom salts and water for sore or raw feet. Works for us humans, and for your dog!

There are so many of these natural home remedies for dogs that are safe, easy and often right in your cupboard to use anytime at little cost. Keep your dog happier and away from the pet clinic too.

I have been looking for a great resource with these natural treatments and remedies for my dog. I love my buddy and want him around for many years, so a resource called Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs really caught my eye. A natural dog remedy can often be the safer and healthier choice and reading this book has really helped me understand that I need to manage my dog’s health. Of course, consulting with your veterinarian is often wise but wouldn’t it be great to have some knowledge and confidence that helps you make your own informed decisions along with your veterinarian?

There is a good review of the Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs book and two other well accepted resources that altogether provide very comprehensive at home dog remedies and information to help your dog live a happy, healthy life. Hope you read on and enjoy it as much as I have!

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