A Cheaper Electric Fence For Dogs Equals Benefits

My neighbor has a problem with my Great Dane, Tempest. He likes to bury his bones in her flowerbed. We’re fortunate in that she’s a long time friend of the family and she’s an animal lover like us. Plus her Pug likes to return the favor in our flowerbed.

One day she came over to have a chat with us. Apparently she was getting fed up with Tempest mauling her tulips and I guess he did a better than usual job this last time. So we discussed ways to solve the problem. We live in a community neighborhood, which means that we have to go through a process to get approval to put up fences or paint our house or make improvements on our property. This process can take up to a month to get a go ahead and we both decided we wanted a quicker solution. So we agreed to split the expense of an electric fence for dogs.

So we researched it for a couple days and compared results. We chose to go with a website, gryffonproducts, that she found that is less expensive than most others but offers the same quality of products as the more expensive sites. There were several types of electric fences for dogs to choose from and we made the choice of joining only our backyards together. So between her kit, my kit and the additional accessory kits, we ended up splitting $593.00.

She decided to go with the Inground Fence for $163.21. She just has the Pug and he’s not a very aggressive dog so the basic fence was a good choice for her. Now Tempest is a large breed and I was worried that just the sheer size of him would allow him to bull his way through the fence so I got the Stubborn Dog Inground Fence for $184.79. The key thing to remember is to make sure the points on the collar have good contact with the skin. The receiver that comes with the kit has a way of using your collar with a quick attach/quick release clasp. It’s very easy.

Teaching is very easy. A video comes with the kit and shows you how to train your dog during a two week period or so. Both our dogs learned on their own very quickly. I was surprised because Tempest is hard to train (he wants to play ALL the time). I showed him the flags, let him walk into the correction zone, the collar beeped and vibrated and then increased in strength the longer he stayed in the zone. I tugged his leash and called him to my side and he was right there. He knew he didn’t like those white flags and he won’t go near them now. Pug was little hard headed, but he learned.

We installed it in half a day. Her nephew and his boy helped my buddy and me put it in and get it working. Two people could install an electric fence for dogs that covers the area ours did, about an acre, in a day. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to block off the flowerbeds without buying additional accessory kits (we had three to begin with, plus our own kits) but we got it in the end. Now our dogs romp and play together and the flowers are safe at last and we put in an electric fence for dogs without the hassle of the community counsel giving us grief and holding us up for a month or so.

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