A Good Obedience Video Can Give Hope To Frustrated Dog Owners

The story is one that occurs countless times in homes all across the world. The new puppy has just destroyed your reading glasses, or dug up your favorite rose bush, or jumped on you and got your Sunday best all dirty. Having a disobedient dog is no fun for anyone, and yet so many people simply tolerate and accept that the problems they are dealing with are just part of owning a dog. People have been turning to a book, a dog obedience training video, group classes, sending their dog off to get trained and even hiring a dog trainer to come out to the house to try to help them deal with the downsides of their doggy. If you are in that same situation, I will try and do you the favor of going over these options for you.

A dog barking, chewing, jumping, running away, biting, digging, and even peeing and pooping in your home are all problems that are common for dogs to have. Yet, these behaviors need only be temporary if you have the right training technique to manage them properly. Simply put, all these ‘bad behaviors’ stem from a dog not being obedient to its owner and family. Normally people turn to some of the more conventional options to try to train their dog, but what if there were a new better way to deal with it. What if you could learn from the comfort of your own home, train at your own pace, and get the needed results that you desperately need? A quality dog obedience training video could very possibly fit the bill, have better results than lots of the traditional approaches, and cost far less.

‘Send-Off’ Training or kennel training, is one of the oldest methods for training a dog. You send your dog to the trainers kennel and let them do all the training for you. After the dog has been trained you pick them back up. There are a few problems with this approach. This is not a very cheap option for most people as the fee can often range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. There is also the fact that you wont have your beloved pet around for several weeks or months. The largest flaw however, is that because you were not part of the training it is hard to make it work for you. Taking the owner out of the training process makes it more difficult for the dog to accept that the owner is in charge, which is multiplied when the dog sees that their owner is not as proficient as the person who trained them. This all to often leads to a dog that initially behaves well, but as time goes on gets more and more disobedient.

Group Classes are one of the more popular training options used today. They are less expensive than ‘Send-Off’ training or In-Home training, mainly due to the ratio of participants to instructors. The classes tend to focus on socialization and leash based obedience. They do not however focus on problems that occur within the home such as biting, jumping, housebreaking, digging, chewing, or running away. Additionally, since there are more dogs than instructors, it is difficult to get any real ‘1 on 1’ time.

In-Home Training consistently provides the best results of any other method. This is primarily due to the dog being trained in the environment that it spends 90%+ of its life in; its home. Their is also the advantage of real ‘1 on 1’ attention from the professional trainer and the dog. As the trainer teaches the dog something new, they are also educating the dog’s owner. The dog’s owner practices until the next visit from the trainer. This style highly involves the dog’s owner and makes it work far better when the dog trainer is finished. The largest downside to this approach is the cost. An experienced and capable dog trainer’s fee often exceeds $100 an hour. It can also be difficult to locate that skilled trainer.

Books are a cheap option geared towards the self-starter. Most dog owners will buy a book or three before trying something else. The biggest problem with books is that they have so much conflicting information that its very difficult to know what to do. Their is also the lack of the visual aspect that so many find essential to the learning process. That being said, a book is the cheapest option out there.

A Dog Obedience Training Video is typically a series of videos that explain and show how to train a dog into or out of different behaviors. This is done in your own home and at the pace of your choosing. In that regard, a dog obedience training video is for many a better fit than in-home training as in-home training follows a schedule and does not allow much variance. There is also the crucial benefit of being able to see what is being done. I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to be able to see the techniques with your real eyes versus your mind’s eye. There is a problem in that not every dog obedience training video is going to be one that will help you. Dog trainers are not all the same. Some are quite skilled and capable and some really aren’t. Finding a dog obedience training video from a reputable trainer is key to making this whole process work. Otherwise you are potentially just wasting your money. If, however, you can find a dog obedience training video from an experienced and sought after trainer then it could be a wonderful thing. I’ll explain what I mean. ‘Send-Off’ Training and In-home Training will cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars. Group classes range between $50-500. You should be able to find a good dog obedience training video for under $50. It has all of the benefits of training in the home, offers the visual aspect, and is affordable. I would also want to know that the trainer that made this dog obedience training video also backed it up with some kind of warranty. The best I have seen so far is an 8 week 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. So search around and don’t necessarily buy the first dog obedience training video you come across. Look for someone who has been in the industry for a while, and what kind of style they train.

In closing, if money were no object and you lived in an area with reputable In-home dog trainers, I would recommend to go that route. They consistently have the best results. If money is an issue, a quality dog obedience training video is the next best option. Even for someone who might need the In-Home Training, finding the right offer could still be a good choice. If you can find one that has a money back guarantee then your really not out anything if it does not work and you have to hire an In-Home trainer. But what if it did work? You could literally save hundreds to thousands of dollars, and have the pet that you always wanted!
Obedience Video

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