A Healthy Dog Is A Cheerful Animal

A healthy dog is a cheerful animal with smooth hair, clean eyes, wet and cold nose. However, the last sign is not always trustworthy. Healthy dog respond to the call of its owner, plays willingly. It has good appetite, evacuating is regular, urination is normal. Oral and eyelid mucous tunics have light pink color. There is light breathing.
A sick dog substantially differs from a healthy one. Any disease causes in its organism many serious disorders. The sick dog behaves differently from the healthy one. It is depressed, lies much, tries to shrink into a corner, unwillingly responds to the call. During some illnesses a dog does not wish to lay down, stands for a long time and lies only definitively collapsed. Sick dog can be indifferent to people around it or abnormally excited, can be aggressive even to the master. Appetite is unsatisfactory. There can be deglutitive problem, dog can choke even during eating a feeding slop. Can be excessive thirst or, on the contrary, rabies can be observed. Hair becomes dingy and tousled. Alopecia of separate parts of a body, wounds that has never healed, scratches and eczemas are also possible. Mouth cavity and eyelids are pale, cyanotic or bile-stained.

Activity of a gastrointestinal tract get upset: there can be vomiting, diarrhoeia, constipation, meteorism, presence of blood in fecal masses. Appear purulent discharges from a nose and eyes of a sick dog. Urination can be painful, color and quantity of urine change. Body temperature, pulse and breath can also be anomalistic. These symptoms are not usually shown at the same time, but one or two can be strong. When illness is a serious or there is aggressive development of disease the number of pathological manifestations increases. It is possible to speak about ultimate recovery of a dog, if all painful manifestations disappeared.

Examination of sick dog can be started from hair growth and skin. You must carefully examine the skin, and also hairless parts of belly and hind limbs. If you suspect, that there are some skin parasites use a magnifying glass. Identify presence of pus on dog’s eyes.

It is not difficult to examine a tunica mucosa of dog’s mouth: you must raise an upper lip a little. If your dog does not set its jaw, examine all mouth, including mucous membrane, teeth and a tongue. A cavity of an auricle and acoustic meatus is better to examine, if there is a good illumination. Examining dogs with flaps, is necessary to perk its ear and stretch an auricle.

Type of natural bodily functions you can note during a time of walking.
Body temperature measurement, breath and pulse calculation will help you to get full and exact picture of illness, which is extremely important for making out a correct diagnosis and prescriptions.

Pets are not just “alive” beings that live with us, pet are a lot more important. And you are really responsible for them. Those of you who have dogs, must know info about dog health. This is not a bizarre statement, this is what your pet really needs from you.

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