A House Pet Like No Other – The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies were at first owned by mill workers and were bred to hunt vermin. They are recognized for their dependability and for being protective of their owners. This dog bonds quickly and is very, very social.

yorkie puppies love to please and to receive praise. They thrive on attention, but give it back in the form of cuddling and sitting on your lap. They are easy to train but do require consistency. They can become stubborn if owners are not consistent in their training. A naturally bright dog, they are able to figure out things on their own, especially if they are trained properly.

yorkie puppies should be socialized at a young age and only require moderate exercise. They can tap into limitless energy when needed. Yorkies can get over stimulated with lots of visitors or activity. They are similar to a child who needs some down time. But with just the right amount of attention and activity, the Yorkie is a perfect pet. Loving and socially part of the family, the yorkshire terriers gravitates more towards adults and older more grown-up children but does love to horse around with the kids. During calm time, the Yorkie is at ease to sit on your lap for countless amounts of time.

The Yorkie does not realize how small he is. He is a daring little guy and exhibits pack leadership with highly protective instincts. The initial Yorkies were much bigger than those nowadays. Selective breeding with the smallest of the dogs gradually miniaturized the breed over the years. They are now seen as not only a pet but a fashion accessory as women carry these little dogs in bags or in their arms. The first Yorkie that looked like we see them today appeared in a dog show 1870. Most Yorkies stand only 7 inches tall and weigh no more than 7 pounds. They can be even smaller, but there is no such thing in the breed as a teacup Yorkie, just mearly Yorkshire Terriers that are significantly smaller. The appeal of these dogs is that they always look so adorable all the way through adult hood. One tell tale factor that a Yorkie is of a later mature age is his mellowness and the slow down in his activity. He still looks as adorable and still loves to be carried or cuddled.

Known for their lengthy, lush coat which is made of hair, not fur, Yorkies do not shed. Proper grooming is essential because their hair continues to grow unless cut. Regular combing is a necessity. Some owners keep the hair out their Yorkie’s eyes with a barrette or ribbon.

One things for sure, owning yorkshire terrier, as pets, is a dog lovers dream. Owning one yorkie puppy usually leads into owing more.
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