A List Of The Basic Dog Pets Training Tools

This article will give you a list of the basic tools you need to train your dog. If you have decided to take on the task of training your new puppy yourself you should know what kind of dog training tools you need and what they are used for. A well trained, well behaved dog is a must, especially in you live in an area where your dog will come into contact with a lot to people.

The first thing you should get is a good leather leash. The leash should be about six feet long. This gives you a good length to teach most commands. The width of the leash depends on the size of the dog. A larger dog requires a wider leash and a smaller dog a more narrow leash. This leash will be one of your most valuable dog training tools.

The second thing you should purchase is a good training collar. A good, well fitted, prong collar is the best tool for training your dog. The prong collar can be pulled to get your dog’s attention. The prongs on the inside of the collar will poke your dog, but not hard enough to hurt him. This type of collar looks medieval but is actually safer and more humane than a choke collar. The prong collar is intended to be worn when training only and then removed when the training session is over. A word of advice. Know how to fit a prong collar properly and how to use it before putting it on your dog.

The next useful training tool is a squirt bottle filled with water. This will be used as an attention getter and a form of punishment to let your dog know that certain behavior is unacceptable. If you can’t get him to pay attention to you or if he continues with a behavior that is not allowed , squirt him in the face with water.

A shaker can is used frequently to get your dog’s attention also. These can be purchased at any store that carries dog supplies or you can make your own by putting a few pennies into an empty soda can and taping the opening. Shake the can when you want you dog to pay attention or when you want him to stop a certain behavior.

A dog crate is an essential tool in housebreaking your puppy or to correct behavioral problems. Place the puppy in the crate throughout the day for an hour or two at a time. Remember puppies have very small bladders so they should be taken out frequently and placed in the area outside where you want them to potty. Once your puppy uses the bathroom, praise him greatly. A dog has behavioral problems may be placed in the crate to curb the behaver. It’s like a time out for dogs.

These are a few basic tools that you will need for training your dog. Do your research, purchase a couple of good dog training books. Before long you could have the best behaved dog in your neighborhood! Read more other articles about Dog Cage and Small Puppies.

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