A Look At Common Symptoms Of Dog Poisoning

If you think your dog has been poisoned, you need to get him checked out as soon as possible. Poisoning causes a few signs that you should be aware of. These symptoms will vary depending on your dog’s weight and the toxin he ingested. Before we discuss these dog poisoning symptoms, let’s take a look at some of the common ways your dog can get poisoned.


Toxins are usually eaten or drunk. Antifreeze has a sweet taste to dogs, so they love to lick it up. Some mushrooms are also poisonous to dogs. Insect stings can also cause problems in some dogs. In some cases, dogs absorb the materials through their skin.


One of the first symptoms of dog poisoning is the appearance of a rash. Rashes usually occur when a toxic material comes into contact with the skin. However, there are plenty of other conditions that can cause a rash to appear.


One of the more serious dog poisoning symptoms is the appearance of blood. Some toxins are dangerous enough to cause internal bleeding. The nose, vomit, or stool can have blood in it. Rat poison is a common substance that can cause internal bleeding. This is why you need to be careful when using poison around your home when you have a dog.


Various toxins can also cause damage to the brain. This can lead to loss of coordination which you can easily notice when your dog moves around. Damage to the brain can also cause seizures or tremors. Some dogs even lose consciousness. Sometimes, dogs won’t lose consciousness but will have a blank stare. Death usually follows if the dog slips into a coma.


Loss of appetite is another sign of poisoning. If poisoned, your dog’s mouth or tongue may become swollen. This makes eating much more difficult. However, you shoud know that many other conditions can cause your dog to lose his appetite.

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