A Look At Four Common Dog Parasites

Many different parasites can cause problems for your canine. Some of these dog parasites dwell on the skin, while others invade the body. Some of them can damage internal organs. Let’s take a look at some of the parasites in dogs.


One of the most serious parasites is the heartworm. These parasites live in the heart and blood vessels that connect the lungs to the heart. Hundreds of worms can eventually inhabit your dog’s body. An infestation of heartworms causes problems with the heart and lungs. It can easily become life-threatening. Sometimes, dogs with an infestation of heartworms will die of sudden heart failure.


Lice are also common parasites in dogs. These parasites go about sucking on your dog’s blood or chewing on his skin. Lice can only be transmitted through direct contact.

These parasites can various problems. They include hair loss, severe itching, and dull hair coat. Lice can be treated using pyrethrin shampoo. Since most lice won’t be killed initially, you’ll need to shampoo your dog multiple times.


Another common parasite is the hookworms. Once inside the body, they make their way to the small intestine. Once attached to the wall of the small intestine, they begin to suck blood. This can lead to severe anemia. Severe hemorrhaging may occur in severe cases. Some dogs may even die as a result.

Hookworms can be treated with an injected or oral medication. However, larvae won’t be killed with this medication. It will only kill the adults. Therefore, your dog will need to be treated again in approximately a month. This will give the larvae time to mature so the medication will be effective.

Ear Mites

Ear mites can live anywhere on your dog’s body. However, they primarily invade the ear canal. They will easily infect other animals. The most common sign of an ear mite infestation is frequent head shaking and ear scratching. If left untreated, your dog’s eardrum can become damaged. This may result in permament hearing loss.

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