A Look At Four Types Of Seizures In Canines

Periods of abnormal electrical activity in your dog’s brain will trigger a seizure. There are four different types. Grand mal, petiti mal, status epilepticus, and cluster are these different types. This article will discuss seizures in dogs.

Petit Mal

One of the first types of seizures that dogs can experience is petit mal. Dogs that experience this type of seizure usually don’t have a lot of uncontrolled movement. Dogs experiencing a petit mal seizure will have a blank look on their faces. This type of seizure can cause dogs to blink more than usual.

Grand Mal

Dogs can also suffer a more serious grand mal seizure. Dogs often lie down on their sides with their legs out. Your dog may also chomp his jaws. This type of seizure can also cause your dog to lose control over bowel movements, urination, and salivation. After the episode is over, he will likely be disoriented for a short time.


Cluster seizure can be life-threatening. With cluster seizures, dogs experience more than one seizure within mere hours. These seizures are so devestating because there isn’t enough recovery time between them.

Status Epilepticus

Like the cluster variety, status epilepticus refers to multiple seizures within a short time frame. However, the seizures occur continuously. Your dog will need to see a vet as soon as possible.

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