A Petsafe Collar To Stop Barking And For Dog Containment

A Petsafe collar is available to meet the numerous challenges that dog owners face today. Whether your Petsafe collar needs to quiet your barking dog, or keep him from leaving your yard, there is a model available to meet your needs. Think about it, as a dog lover you need to control your pooch from making too much noise, and you need to make sure he doesn’t run away. A Petsafe collar is your wisest choice, and many times your only option, to help you eliminate these issues in a safe, humane, and effective manner.

In general, the most common problem a dog owner has is with nuisance barking. Time and time again police officers will tell you that one of the most common complaints received is for loud barking dogs. If you don’t take care of this issue you could be subjects to police warnings, excessive fines, eviction notices, strained relationships with your neighbors, and possibly even having your dog taken away from you.

For barking issues, the most effective way to control nuisance dog barking is using a bark collar. You can usually expect an immediate and lasting result once you apply the collar to your dog. Your Petsafe collar comes in two types of bark collars to help your issue. There is an electric shock type collar, and a citronella spray collar. Each one is effective, and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There is a Petsafe collar that is a shock type collar and is a sound activated device that transmits a gentle electric shock to the dog when he barks. The collar has a small sound sensor that is right next to the dog’s throat, and is calibrated to sense vibrations as your dog makes noise. If the level of noise is high enough, the sensor completes an electric circuit letting your dog know he needs to stop barking. Now some people think these devices are inhumane, and not a responsible way to manage your dog. The truth is that the shock level can be adjusted to just the right point so your dog learns to stop barking when it feels the electrical queue. Some dogs will respond to a very gentle signal, while other dogs will need a stronger one. You will just have to experiment until you find just the right setting.

A Petsafe collar is also available that is a spray type bark collar. Instead of generating an electric impulse when activated the collar delivers a spray of citronella mist up into your dogs face. This collar tries to train your dog from barking by sing the senses. When the collar shoots the citronella the dog sees the mist in his face, he smells the citronella, he feels the stream going up his nostrils, he hears the startling noise of the spray. The dog spray collars are quite effective, but the one main drawback is that you need to keep the citronella reservoir filled up. With the spray collars you can adjust the spray level so that it is perfect for your dog to respond to it.

A Petsafe collar is made that acts as an electronic fence to keep your dog from digging out or leaving. The collar is put on the dog, and it activates a signal once the dog comes near the electronic fence. This invisible fence can be activated by you, or automated as needed to train your dog. When the dog gets too close to the boundary it first activates a beeping noise, and if the dog does not stop it will then send a mild corrective shock.

So whether you need to quiet your dog, or train him to stay away from areas in your yard, you will find a Petsafe collar that will work for you. A bark collar is an effective and humane way to train your dog to refrain from nuisance barking. If you use a shock collar or spray collar, either one will work and keep your dog from making annoying sounds.

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