Adorable Yorkies

As one of the most trendy breed of dogs, the Yorkie, which is short for Yorkshire Terrier, struts proudly despite its tiny stature. Not only are they often winning show dogs, but they are one of the great companion dogs. Though naturally bold in their activity, Yorkshire Terrier do like to please their owners very much, which makes them extremely easy to train. Part of what makes them so desired is not just their cute small face and size but the glamorous beauty of their blue silky-smooth coat.

Yorkies Puppies are probably one of the most adorable puppies you will see. Able to sit in the palm of your hand as babies, they almost look like a tiny stuffed animal. Depending on the type of quality of the Yorkshire Terrier Puppies will determine what they look like as adults. The average adult size of Yorkshire Terriers can vary from 3 to 7 pounds. Yorkshire Terrier should never exceed 7lbs as this would be considered oversized. It is often thought that tea cup Yorkies are a smaller version of Yorkshire Terrier. This is absolutely not true. Small Yorkies are just the littlest of the litter. Every Yorkie Puppy starts out all black with tan on just the muzzle and legs. As they grow and mature, so will their color change. The entire head turns tan/brown to match the muzzle and legs. The body turns a blue/silver color. The ones that stay black have a different texture which is not silk and much harder to groom.

Breeders and show dog owners keep the coat long and parted in the middle. The coat if flowing to the ground, straight and shinny. A good majority of owners keep their yorkies coat cut short as to save time for brushing and bathing. They do not shed which makes them highly sought out for people who do not like pet hair in their house and furnishings. As a pet, they can be feisty and love lots of attention, but they are great cuddlers. They are the best cuddlers after they turn 1 years of age. A lapdog by nature, as long as you supply a tiny amount of petting they will sit there for hours. Yorkies need plenty of exercise to use up all that energy and they are very, very social animals.

Yorkies Puppies walk with confidence and an air about them. They are easily trainable and adapt well to different locations. Yorkshire Terrier Puppies prefer adults or older children as they like to be the baby. They can wear out even the most energetic of children. They are very loving and loyal pets and bond quickly to people who care for them and love them. They enjoy being a part of the family.

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