Advice To House Train Puppy-Every Dog Lover Should Read

The very first thing a new dog owner has to do is house train puppy. This is not a hard task at all. When you arrive home with your new puppy start crate training her. This will help to speed up the housebreaking process. A lot of people wait until puppy has established bad habits like the nasty squishy kind on the carpet. Please don’t wait to house train puppy, start right away, waiting can lead to bad habits and can take a little longer to stop.

A great way to house train puppy is to invest in a crate. The use of a crate can help to speed up the process and help with behavior problems. Dogs are den animals and don’t like to soil their bedding. Start by throwing some treats inside and let puppy find them, once they are comfortable with it, begin closing the door for a few seconds at a time, increasing as they become more comfortable. Once comfortable inside, start to walk away making the distance farther and farther each time. Before you know it, you will have a house train puppy who will go lay inside the kennel on their own.

Another idea to house train puppy is to set up a routine, feed your puppy their meals every day at the same time. Wake them every morning at the same time and off to bed at the same time, make sure you stick with this even on your day off. Take your pup out first thing in the morning, after meals, before bed, after playing about 15 minutes. As often as possible. The more time you spend with them, the faster you will house train puppy..

Have a designated spot for puppy to potty outside at, or it can be as general as anywhere outside, just be consistent. When you take your pup outside, use a leash. Take puppy to the same spot and wait for them to find their “spot” and when they start to relieve themselves, praise calmly with something like “good potty”. Once they have finished, praise them enthusiastically. When you house train puppy use lots of praise and make it a positive experience.

When you house train puppy, expect lots of accidents. If your puppy has an accident, just clean it up with a good cleaner and keep a closer eye on them. When you house train puppy don’t leave them alone for even a minute. If they make going potty on the floor a habit, it could take a couple of weeks to correct that behavior. If you catch your puppy in the act, firmly say “no” and grab them by the scruff of their neck (like their moms would) and take them outside to the designated spot and let them finish,after they have finished going, praise them.

Still struggling to house train puppy?

Are you still finding squishy messes on the floor, then learn more about how to house train puppy.

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