An Intro To Bloat In Canines

Bloat is a very serious condition in dogs. It’s one of the most common causes of death. The condition is characterized by stomach swelling when gas or fluid accumulates. Your dog can die from this condition in less than an hour. You may be wondering what exactly causes canine bloat.


Bloat in dogs can be caused by various things. Exercising too soon after or before eating is a common cause. Eating from a raised food bowl can also cause this condition. Your dog can also develop bloat due to stress or gulping too much air.


This condition causes signs that are difficult to detect if you aren’t looking for them. Your dog’s abdomen will appear swollen. In addition to the abdominal swelling, a dog with bloat will also salivate and pant excessively. He will also whine a lot and appear agitated. Although they may try to vomit, nothing will come out.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, dog bloat can be fatal in less than an hour. Before a definitive diagnosis is even made, the vet may start treating your dog as if he has bloat for sure. If your dog truly has bloat, a blood test and x-ray will tell for sure.


Since this condition is caused by the buildup of excess fluid or gas, it will have to be removed. A tube will be put down the throat to give the fluid or gas a means for escape. However, this method is unsuccessful sometimes.

Emergency surgery is required if the tube doesn’t relieve the excess gas or fluid. So that the gas and fluid can escape, the stomach will be cut during surgery. Various medications may also be prescribed. Anti-arrythmics will help deal with any heart problems that occur. Your dog may also have to take antibiotics or steroids.

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