An Intro To Dog Melanoma

Melanoma can affect your dogs mouth, skin, or toes. Melanoma can easily prove to be fatal. This article will discuss melanoma in dogs.


Dogs with melanoma usually develop lesions on their skin. If your dog’s mouth is affected by the cancer, he will experience numerous symptoms. They include bad breath, trouble swallowing, coughing, and drooling. Loss of appetite and weight are common. Tumors can also develop on the toes.


The first step in diagnosing canine melanoma is a physical exam. This is usually followed by analyzing a blood sample to get a complete blood count. The condition of the lungs may also need to be checked. This can be done with an x-ray. The tumor should also be biopsied.


Melanoma in dogs can be treated in various ways. Without treatment, the disease will progress rapidly. If tumors are present, they can be removed surgically. If the whole tumor can’t be removed, only a part of it will be. Radiation and chemotherapy are also treatment options.


This is a very serious disease. The prognosis is usually poor. Dogs usually have the best chance of survival if the disease only affects the skin. It’s possible for the cancer to spread even while your dog is receiving treatment. Also, a successful treatment doesn’t guarantee that the cancer won’t recur.

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