Beagle Puppy Training – House Training Beagles

The story is all too familiar. You get your new Beagle puppy and life is great. It is playful, loving and funny. That will last until you notice a wet spot or a funky smell coming from under your bed. From the minute you bring the Beagle puppy into your house, you must be prepared to begin your Beagle training.

Most puppies you buy are going to be interested in the new home. Beagle puppies are going to be even more driven to find everything they can. Every Beagle owner knows that their nose will get them into a lot of trouble. You must be willing to their love of scent and use it to your advantage when house training the new puppy.

Start by limiting where they can go without supervision from you or anyone in your family. Letting them wander around will only encourage them to find their favorite bathroom spots. The spots where they can go unsupervised are where they sleep and eat. The smell of feces or urine will drive the puppy insane. Keep in mind, it will not be like this for their entire life. Once they are house trained you can let them go where they want.

It should not be a problem getting the Beagle puppy on a leash and outdoors. This will also allow you to begin leash training early. Make sure you introduce your Beagle puppy to the neighborhood. You should find a couple spots that your Beagle can go to the bathroom and train the dog to use these spots. This will become a comfortable feeling and the puppy will soon learn the difference between an accident and acceptable bathroom use.

Make sure that you begin crate training early. If you let your Beagle puppy sleep then they will wonder off during the night and they might use your bath matt as a place of toileting. By crating them, you are controlling where they can go when you are sleeping or at work. This will allow you to control where they use the bathroom. As mentioned before, your Beagle will not want to use the bathroom while in the crate.

Lastly, most people are guilty of reverse conditioning. By screaming at your Beagle puppy, spanking them, dragging their noses in the accident and putting them in the crate, you are doing more damage to the house training process and your Beagle?s self esteem. When you do this, your Beagle will learn that their bodily functions can be used as a tool of resentment.

If your Beagle has an accident treat it as an accident. Remember, they do not understand because they have not been taught. However, you have the ability to teach them to use the outdoors rather than your closet floor.
When you are doing your Beagle Puppy Training trainng you will need to be patient and understanding.

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