Best Pet For You And How To Train It

Interested in getting a dog or two to add to your family? Well before you do you need to think about what breed of dog is best for you to get. There are so many dog breeds out there it can be difficult trying to figure out which breed of dog is best suited for your lifestyle.

Let us start with your living space. Is your home large or small? If you have a large home, especially one with a large backyard, then a large breed like the mastiff or the St. bernard would be good picks. You do not want you dog to cramped up if you have a small house. If you own a small home then consider getting something like the chihuahua or maybe you would like the yorkshire terrier aka the yorkie.

Also think about cleaning up after a dog. The husky is a wonderful dog to own. They are loyal, loving, playful dogs you may have seen pulling sleds in some movies. One of the few bad things about owning one is that they shed their fur once a year and it can be a lot of hair at that.

Most importantly, if you have young kids you must find a dog breed that is known to be good around young kids. Be careful on getting little dogs because they tend to bark a lot being so high strung. The golden retriever is a favorite among many dog lovers. This dog is a good choice if you have any childern around. Other good choices would be cocker spaniel or the pug.

These are only a few of the many different dog breeds that are out there but lets not leave out the mixed breeds. If you cannot find a purebred dog anywhere then consider getting a mixed breed dog or mutt as they are sometimes called. These “mutts” can possess the looks and behaviors of some purebreds. For example my dog is mixed husky-chow. It has the black marks on his tongue like the chow but has the looks and behavior of a pure husky. So keep a mixed breed in mind when you select your pet.

After you find the dog want and bring it home the next thing you should do is to train it. Dogs that go without training can develop different behavioral issues. They can constantly bark or whine, bite or have aggression issues, or be destructive to your personal possessions. If you are not sure on the best way to train your dog then check out this site. There you will find a guide to help you train your dog to be obedient. This dog training guide is your answer to a happy tail wagging dog in your home.

Get timely ideas to house train a dog – this is your personal knowledge pack.