Bullmastiff Puppy Ear Care

Because of the shape of the Bullmastiff ear canals, they are particularly prone to ear infections. Bacteria, viruses, yeast and many parasites thrive in a warm, moist (and dirty) environment. Cleansing your pet’s ears should be a weekly ritual from a very young age. Cleaning ears and allowing adequate air circulation is especially important for dogs with long or floppy ears.

Regular ear check-ups and cleaning contributes to healthy ears, free of painful infections. Between grooming appointments pet owners should practice ear health maintenance and check their dog’s ears at least once a week. When pet owners request grooming services, professional groomers include an ear inspection and cleaning. Whether the Bullmastiff breeder is giving the dog a bath-only service or a complete styling, ear cleaning and deodorizing is typically be included as part of the basic grooming service fee. A few Bullmastiff breeder may ask for ear cleaning only services.

Many dog owners do not realize that Bullmastiff can grow hair in the ear canal, even large amounts common to some Poodles and Terriers, as well as other breeds. For this reason, many Bullmastiffowners never check their dog ears unless the dog is shaking or scratching its ear(s). By that time there is usually an ear health problem requiring veterinary medical inspection.

Ear infections “Otitis Externa” may arise from water trapped in the ear canal. The damp environment creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, often leading to painful rednessand infection. Dogs with ear flaps are the most affected since the flaps cut air circulation and trap moisture.

A few things to look for:
Unpleasant odor
Excessive scratching and pawing of the ear and head
Sensitivity to touch, often resulting from pain
Constant tilting/shaking of the head to one side
Black or yellowish discharge
Redness or swelling of the ear flap or canal
Changes in behavior like listlessness, depression or irritability
Accumulation of dark brown wax
Loss of balance or hearing and disorientation
Bleeding or discharge resembling coffee grinds

Gently pull the pinna (earflap) upward to straighten the ear canal. Squirt an ear cleaning solution into your pet’s ear and massage the base of the ear between your thumb and forefinger for 20 to 25 seconds. This ensures that the cleansing solution gets a bit deeper into the ear. I recommend a solution for Cleansing for this step. Let your bullmastiff shake out the extra solution, then get him relaxed again for the next step. Use a soft cloth or Pad to remove excess wax and debris that the solution and shaking have brought up. Do not insert anything down the ear canal. After cleaning, fold earflaps back for about seven minutes to dry ear canals, and then finish with a small amount of an ear drying powder. You’ll be surprised at the amount of debris that you can remove. Regular cleansing of your dog’s ears can prevent many potential ear problems before they start and will save you time and money in the long run. Your pet depends on hearing as one of the strongest of his senses and it just makes sense to take good care of them.

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