Canine Fitness – Keep Man’s Best Friend As Fit As You Can

Everybody must have heard that wise old saying ?a dog is mans best friend?. I?m sure we all have sufficient reasons to regard our dogs as a fundamental component of our daily lives. They give the impression of having an extraordinary ability to exhibit both their devotion and faithfulness to their owners, whilst we can not fail to recognize that dogs have an inimitable ability to bring joy to any observer who happens to see them playing, be it retrieving sticks or playing fetch with a ball.

For these reasons I think we should all look after our ? best friends? general dog health, be it dental care, adding nutrients to dog food and dog first aid.

Dental Care. Dental hygiene is as essential for dogs as it is for human beings. We clean our teeth two or three times a day, why can?t we clean our dogs teeth at least two or three times a week. All pet stores supply toothbrushes intended solely for dogs and cats with long handles and bristles at different angles to make sure even the teeth at the rear of the mouth are cleaned efficiently. Don?t use brushes intended for human beings as the bristles are much too hard. Meat and poultry flavored toothpaste is widely available, and don?t try to use minty human toothpaste as this might be the one and only time you get anywhere near his teeth. After eating, plaque is formed and if not controlled builds up into tartar, which can work its way under the gums leading to agonizing infections and gum complaints. Some people don?t have the time or inclination to brush a dogs teeth, and if that is the case dental sticks are widely available which will help keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Ear Care. It is all too easy to ignore our dogs ears particularly the inner ear. Check for ear mites while you are grooming your dog. Ear mites can lead to serious problems such as deafness. If your dog tilts his head to one side or starts scratching the ears more than normal then there is a high possibility that he has ear mites. Ear mites are only eliminated by being given the correct medication from your vet.

Nutrition is the key to your dogs well-being. Happiness, health and even your dogs mental disposition are all related to nutrition. Dog foods are frequently missing key nutrients crucial for the development of our dogs.Therefore we should check the feed to make sure what is included. Proteins, natural fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins a, b, c, d, e and k should be eaten daily and minerals calcium and phosphorous should all be included in the diet.

More info is availble by clicking dog health

Dog First Aid. Over 90% of canines will be subjected to a life threatening incident during their lifespan. We owe it to our pets to have information to help save their lives in an emergency. The first five minutes are absolutely crucial to your dogs health

* What would you do if your dog was choking?
* What would you do if your dog was bleeding?
* What would you do if your dog was suffering from
* What would you do if your dog was bitten?
* What would youdo if your dog?s leg was broken?
* What would you do if your dog was suffering from heatstroke?
* And just as importantly, would YOU know what NOT TO DO?

A really good guide to all dog first aid is available here dog first aid

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