Caries Is A Gradual Destruction Of Tooth Tissues

Caries is a gradual destruction of tooth tissues beginning from tooth enamel. Unfortunately, dogs suffer from it, quite often. However, sometimes owners confuse caries with dark (brown or yellow) stains on teeth of a dog, not leading to tooth destruction.

Primary cause of caries is a metabolic imbalance.

Caries can appear after an infectious disease. The most destructive effect on teeth has distemper. By the way, because of this, it is not recommended to do an inoculation against distemper during changing of teeth. In the best case there will be yellow stains on teeth, or teeth can start to collapse.

Caries can also appear after parvovirus enteritis, infectious hepatitis and other illnesses accompanied by an exhaustion of a dog, lesion of a liver and kidneys and metabolic imbalance.

Often avitaminosis causes caries. It can be caused by illness or faults in feeding, because of lack of proteins, excess of carbohydrates in a diet of a dog and absence of mineral feeding.

Caries can appear, when your she-dog is in pup, if it bears too many puppies or you badly feed it during pregnancy period and period of lactation.

Caries can accompany oral diseases, for example, periodontosis can appear because of dental calculus, and also because of its crude scaling damaging the enamel of teeth.

Mechanical damages of enamel also lead to caries, but in this case it is necessary to keep in mind that normal teeth of a dog are exclusively strong. If they are easily collapsed, it means, that something is out of order.

For successful treatment of caries first of all it is necessary to eliminate the reason which causes it (of course, if you can). Unfortunately, it is impossible to regenerate destroyed tooth tissues; optimum result of treatment is stopping the process of destruction.

If mineral and vitamin metabolism of your dog are disturbed, we recommend you to change a diet: substitute raw meat for boiled, give curd, vegetables and raw fish once a week.

The dose of mineral feeding should be increased. Give your puppy 4 tablets of calcium gluconate and calcium glycerophosphate. If your dog has caries it is necessary to redouble its norm and give 6 – 8 tablets per day.

Increase also a daily dose of vitamin D from 3 drops to 5 – 7. It is better not to drop it in petís food as usual (because it can spread over a bowl), but directly into a mouth of a dog.

Give also polyvitamins once a day, during 30 – 40 days. You should give natural vitamins: dried nettle, rosehips, ashberries and currants.

Dogís teeth can be wiped with tooth-pastes for prevention of caries. It is better not to do it with a toothbrush, but by finger or cotton wool, if you donít want to destroy damaged enamel.

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