Dog Diarrhea And Proven Dog Cures

Diarrhea Cure when the Doctor Is Not Available or Close by…

There is an immediate safe cure that can be tried in emergencies right at home with the use of a simple, natural product found at the corner grocery store.

Pumpkin for Diarrhea and Constipation – It’s quite amazing that canned, plain, pureed pumpkin 100% natural UNSWEETENED does wonders for both the occasional bout of diarrhea. And, it will also cure the opposite, constipation in dogs. I’ve used it over the last two years with great success as it firms up dog’s loose stools or diarrhea within a few hours. When diarrhea first begins, stop feeding all foods immediately and keep fresh ample water nearby. Depending on the size of the dog, a couple of teaspoons of pure, unsweetened pumpkin for a small dog or a couple of tablespoons for a larger dog will start helping the cat diarrhea

Make sure that there is FRESH water always available to keep the pet from dehydration. If your dog will not eat it the pumpkin, add some brown rice with a small amount of very finely shredded chicken breast for flavor and scent. If your dog has chronic diarrhea seek medical help as it can be life threatening – especially for puppies.

First, Some Hard Core Facts about Dog Diarrhea…

If the diarrhea has come on suddenly, consider if you have made any changes to diet or if the dog ate something it should not have like candy or a snack food that people eat – like potatoe chips. Big point to remember is that cheap dog foods with junk fillers and full of salt often cause diarrhea. A sudden change in diet can also rumble a tummy. Feed your dog a good, high quality diet – feed your dog the best possible food that you can afford as you would your baby. Cheap dog foods are filled with useless carbohydrates and high levels of salt which pass straight through your dog. Bottom line: If you put in rubbish, rubbish will come out. The type of pet diet is crucial to overall well being.
Very important is that diarrhea can also be caused by dairy intake in dogs due to lactose intolerance. Dogs and puppies should not be given milk or ice cream to eat or to drink. Steer away from all people food. It is a proven fact that a good, high quality diet can keep any dog alive for at least 20 years. Hey, my large Labrador dog is now going on 14 years and the vet said most labs are blind or crippled at 12 years or dead. He is given brown rice, organic eggs and green peas every day. Good food, exercise and diet can improve any pets life and extend it too! There are some basic supplements that will greatly improve pet health

Closing Thoughts…

In most almost cases, dogs and cats can get a bout of diarrhea when they eat something that is not good for their stomachs which is human food. Table left over’s ?scraps? or deserts can wreak disaster with your pet, so don’t think that you are doing them favors when you give them a “treat”. For example, ice cream is a bad culprit while spicy or salty foods can cause major problems too.

As we mentioned in other chapters, dogs and cats should be thought of like babies that never grown up and require attention and close observation so you can insure that nothing goes wrong – they can’t talk and it has been discovered that animals are pretty tough and stoic. You wouldn’t feed a baby table human food like fried chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti, bacon, or doughnuts would you? This is exactly why aliments like dog diarrhea occur.

Mans Best Friend – God Spelt Backwards

Man?s best friend has come a long way from the days of herding sheep and cattle. In today?s society the dog has become an integral part of the work force. We now have dogs used by the Customs Department for sniffing out drugs and contraband, while the armed services use dogs to sniff out bombs. In fact, dogs have been taken over to war zones to do just this.

Seeing eye dogs give the blind the opportunity of getting out and about and living a life they would not otherwise be able to do. Even hearing impaired people have dogs who act as their ears. Doctors now acknowledge that pets play an important part in assisting the ill to make a quicker recovery.

Dogs within the Police force play a vital part in the fight against crime and are regularly used in rescue operations. They are used to quell violent offenders, track scents and sniff out drugs.

We have all read remarkable stories of how animals have alerted their owners to danger and saved the lives of many.

In Asia, dogs, cats and other animals are a commodity. They are slaughtered for their meat and pelts and treated in the most abominable way. Animals have no rights. This of course has been happening for centuries; but in 2009 it still continues and does not look like ending in the near future.

Our beautiful dogs are used for fighting ? Michael Vick, a professional footballer in America was recently convicted of running illegal dog fighting in Virginia with over seventy dogs being seized. Once again the dog was treated as a commodity. Dog fighting occurs around the world and although illegal in most countries occurs on a regular basis.

Among the myriad of animals used for scientific research, our best friend is one of the star players. He is used for biological testing in laboratories to see if vaccines and medicines have any adverse side effects. This, despite the fact that human and dog have a completely different metabolism. He is also subjected to other forms of testing. Most of the dogs are destroyed after testing so that their tissues and organs can be examined. The only contact these animals have had with humans has been one of pain and torture.

Thankfully the dog is also a much loved member of a family, one whose presence is acknowledged with love.dogs He is a faithful companion and best friend to many elderly people. Don?t treat your dog like a commodity, love and care for him, he doesn?t ask for much. The rewards you will receive in return cannot be measured in money. Show you care and have your dog blessed.blessed

We all know what the word dog spells backwards.

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Secrets The Experts Use To Eliminate Dog Urine Stains As Well As Odors

Dog Urine Removers.
There are 4 kinds of chemicals being used to counteract pet urine odors that I will cover. They are Encapsulation products, Neutralization products, Enzyme agents. The 4th is an oxidizing chemical. There are excellence chemicals offered in all of these categories. And if they are used correctly they will do an outstanding job. There are inferior quality chemicals in each category on the market also. The superior quality products work well when used correctly.
For more solutions to dog urine , smell visit pet odor removal solutions.

ENCAPSULATION as an odor remover

Encapsulation chemicals are products that encase and completely seal off the urine smell. It then dries to a crystalline form making the urine molecules have no smell.

NEUTRALIZATION smell remover

Neutralization is recent technology. It is an astonishing newer odor eliminator. It does not fit into the conventional categories of smell control products. Its particular designed molecular structure has an expanse of surface area that absorbs, binds to and counteracts odors. It is very effective on urine. Neutralization works immediately on contact with smells to make your clean-up job more agreeable. Neutralization contains no bleaches, no bacteria, no enzymes, no oxidizers no compound de-sensitizers. It is safe to use even when children or pets are in the house.


Enzymes have been used effectively for many years in the stain and odor elimination trade. Bio/enzymes are the key organism used to break down sewage in treatment plants, returning the water to a clean, non-hazardous condition. Bio/enzymes were originally used in the carpet cleaning trade as spotters for breaking down natural and protein based stains. Enzymes are produced by bacteria. The bacteria are unable to absorb and digest food internally. So, they utilize enzymes to breakdown or pre-digest this matter outside the cell. To accomplish this the bacteria generate the bio/enzymes which act like catalysts to speed the decomposition. The enzymes transform the contamination into simple substances that can be absorbed by the cell. A earlier drawback to using bacteria and bio/enzyme agents was the circumstances they worked under. Too high or too low a pH would stop or slow the action of the bio/enzymes. The presence of added cleaning products would interfere with the procedure. Previously used disinfectants would kill or decrease the number of active bacteria. Since biological breakdown was a lengthy procedure it was necessary to treat by means of bio/enzymes as well as go back at a later occasion to clean. The technology used today allows you to over-come these limitations. Cleaning and treatment can typically be accomplished on the same day.

OXIDIZING agents as odor removers

Oxidation happens to be one of the fastest techniques of treatment. It uses the cleaning as well as deodorizing ability of natural oxygen to counteract odors caused by urine contamination. It is also exceptional because it deals with all 3 problems of urine residue, smell stain and contamination. The oxidation procedure releases large amounts of oxygen causing the urine to break down to more fundamental elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other elements. Urine is decontaminated as a result of this. In addition it eliminates the stain and neutralizes the odor. The fundamental elements that are left then either dissipate as gases or are easily extracted and removed. For step by step remove dog urine solutions.

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