Causes Of Seizures In Dogs

If your dog experiences seizures, it’s a sign that he’s suffering from some type of neurological problems. There are various things that can cause a dog to have a seizure besides epilepsy. Some of these include diseases like distemper, tumors, and toxins. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of canine seizures.


Dogs that ingest various toxins can experience seizures. Depending on the toxin and how quickly it was detected, your dog may recover from ingesting the toxin. However, certain toxins are very deadly and present a poor prognosis. Insecticides, rat poison, and chocolate can all cause seizures in dogs.

Brain Tumors

Another common cause of seizures is a brain tumor. Tumors can grow from brain tissues or spread to the brain from other organs in the body. As the tumor grows, it will start putting more pressure on the brain. This causes seizures to occur.


One of the final common causes of seizures in dogs is distemper. The brain is usually affected by this viral disease. This disease is much more common in younger canines. Infected saliva, urine, hands, or feces can also transmit the virus to your dog. The virus can also become air-borne and be transmitted through the air. This viruses generally causes symptoms three weeks after initial exposure.


If your dog’s seizure lasts too long, he’s in danger of suffocating. While your dog is having a seizure, it’s important that you not put your hand in his mouth. Dogs having a seizure sometimes clench their jaws uncontrollably. You would be severely bitten if your hand was in his mouth and this happened. You need to take your dog to a vet as soon as possible if the seizure lasts more than two minutes.

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