Chondroitin For Canines ? All You Have To Know About Chondroitin For Dogs

In this article we will give you everything you need to know about giving chondroitin to your canines including dosages and tips such as increasing it effectiveness.

So first off what exactly is chondroitin, it is a naturally occuring substance manufactured in the body for a very specific reason, for use in cartilage in the joints of your canine.
Chondroitin has been talked about by many medical professionals and vets as the scaffolding in the cartilage that protect’s the ends of the bones in a joint. It acts as the foundations of the cartilage in the sense that it holds everything together with all the other substances that make up cartilage forming around it to form healthy cartilage.

The main purpose of chondroitin for dogs aside from acting as the scaffolding of the cartilage is to ensure the rigidity and hardness of the cartilage. This means that if there is a lack of chondroitin present in the cartilage it can be very easy for the cartilage to be compressed and for it to break down.
A lack of chondroitin in dogs is often associated with severe arthritis .

So in terms of recommended dosage to give a dog it will obviously fluctuate dependent upon how big your dog is. To give you a rough idea for a dog that weighs around 10 kg or just under you should give them around 500mg of chondroitin a day, and for dogs over 40 kg you should be giving your dog around 2000mg of chondroitin a day. But rest assured that if you buy your chondroitin supplements from a respected manufacturer then they will come with a table of dosage recommendation and guidance. Also because chondroitin is manufactured in the body of canines it is incredibly hard for a dog to over dose on it like traditional prescription drugs.

There is also another substance that if used in conjunction with chondroitin has been proven in clinical trials to increase the effectivess of chondroitin. This substance is called glucosamine.

Glucosamine is one of the major building blocks of cartilage and is used by the body to make a number of other substances in the cartilage. It is essential due to the wear and tear that cartilage undergoes in the average dog joint. So if there is a lack of glucosamine available it slows down the ability for the cartilage to repair, and results in the cartilage of your dog thinning at a quicker rate, which can lead to joint conditions such as arthritis a lot quicker.

So to ensure the best results for your canines you should really be considering a supplement that contains chondroitin and glucosamine. You should also try and give your dogs supplements that have been recommended by vets and have a proven track record. I say this as dog supplements are generally not regulated by the FDA so it is important to find one that is being recommended by vets and works.

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