Choosing A New Puppy: How To Select The Perfect Dog

Once you decide on bringing home a new canine friend, selecting the right puppy is a crucial decision that should be given a lot of thought and consideration by you and the entire household. The right puppy will make a terrific friend and companion throughout for many years to come, while the wrong puppy may end up being isolated in the backyard or worse, taken to a shelter home.

There is no such thing as the perfect puppy for everybody. There are, however, several hundreds of breeds to choose from. With a little research and self-evaluation, it is possible for any person to find the right puppy for him or herself.

Exercise Requirements

One of the things you need to consider in determining the right breed is his personality as an adult dog. All puppies are energetic and active, but once he reaches adulthood, his level of activity should match with your personality and lifestyle.

If you are the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time indoors, on the couch, and in front of the television or reading a book, you need to pick a puppy that will also enjoy the same lifestyle.

An important step towards a happy and long-lasting relationship with any puppy is the ability to meet your expectations and requirements to the puppy?s personality and needs.

Children In The Household

Whatever type of puppy you decided to pick, keep in mind that taking care of a young pup involves the same amount of commitment and time that a young child needs, and sometimes more.

Having both together under the same roof requires constant supervision to keep them from literally hurting each other. Keeping a close eye at all times prevents roughhousing, pulling, biting, and any potential injuries to occur.

Most trainers and breeders recommend that homes with toddlers should not get a toy breed because of the risk of the puppy getting squeezed, dropped, or stepped on by the young child. However, if you already have your heart set on a toy breed for your child to grow up with, pick one with a gentle disposition and an easy-going personality.

Level Of Protectiveness

For most dog owners, a dog that barks when someone approaches the door is enough to give them a sense of security, just like having a living home alarm system. The bark of a small dog is just as effective in turning away an intruder as the bark of a large dog would be. Dachshunds and most toy breeds are excellent watchdogs. Terriers are also great for the job.

If you are looking for a dog that can protect you and has the physical appearance to prove it, think about getting a herding breed or a working breed. Dogs from these breeds are protective of their owners and have the looks that deter burglars. They are also highly skilled and easily trainable.

Time Spent

One of the reasons why dogs are such popular pets is because they are naturally social in nature, making them a great companion. Keeping this in mind, do not get one if you plan on keeping him out in the backyard all day long. This is especially true for puppies, since they require more supervision, more interaction, and regular training to be a more socialized and civilized member of the family.

The average dog spends at least eight hours a day, five days a week, home alone. Some breeds are more adaptable to this kind of living situation. Most terriers, for example, find ways to entertain themselves given enough space for them to roam around. The same is true for Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.
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