Choosing The Correct Collar For E-collar Training

When done properly, dog e-collar training is a great way to achieve quick behavior modification or expectancy training results with your dog. Choosing the correct e-collar will allow you to be more effective in the training and allow your dog to best understand your goals.

When choosing a collar, consider the following four points.
1. Range
Will you be training your dog to hunt in a situation he/she will often be out of your sight or several hundred yards away? Or, do you plan on your dog always being able to see and hear you during the training process? You will be able to acquire training collars that have a range of less than 1/2 mile up to several miles. If your dog is a family pet, the collar with the least range will probably do best for you.
2. Contact Points
This is often not taken into consideration, but crucial in the success of your e-collar training. Consider how dense your dogs hair is, will the contact points on the collar make contact with the skin? If the contact points do not make good, solid contact with the skin on your dogs neck then the stimulation will not be received and training will not go smoothly.
3. Level of Stimulus (stim)
You will hear many professionals refer to stimulus as simply ‘stim’. The original e-collar’s only had 1-3 levels of stimulus but devices today have up to 20. This is important because you do not know how your dog will respond. Some only need the minimum level to be annoyed while others require a pretty high level to even think of it as a bother. Getting a collar with several levels of stimulus will also be beneficial if you get another dog in the future or help someone else with e-collar training on their dog.
4. Sound and/or Vibration
Many models of electronic collars are now equipped with a sound or vibration feature. The sound feature can be an ultra sonic beep that only the dog can hear and the vibration can be used as a warning that a stimulus is coming (invisible dog fences often use this). Hunters can also use a sound feature that can be heard by humans. This is more for the hunter to be able to locate the dog.

There are a few different models of popular e-collars, all with their own positive factors. When deciding between the brands, take the four points above into consideration and you should end up with one that works perfect for you in your ecollar training.

The final point to leave you with may very well be the most important. Not only do you need to read up on dog training in general, should you decide to use an e-collar for training you must also read the directions completely. Each collar is unique with different abilities, controls and fail safes. Do your research, love your animal, and happy training!

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