Discover How To Potty Train Your New Little Puppy

It is always a fun and exciting time when you get a new puppy. Puppies melt your heart with their cute little antics and their cute faces but as every new puppy owner soon finds out there is one challenging aspect that they all must deal with and that is puppy house breaking.

You will need to spend quality time with and have patience with your new puppy when it comes to housetraining. A puppy is only a baby and a puppy does not have the comprehension level yet to know what you want him to do. It will be easier to finish your puppy house training if you are patient and loving with your puppy. Even though it is frustrating when your puppy goes potty in the house if you are impatient and express your disappointment your puppy housetraining will take longer.

A young puppy that is less than 15 weeks of age might need to go outside as often as 2-3 times per hour. A puppy that is playing hard will also have to go out more frequently because playing creates urine. Remember that your puppy is still not at the age where he can control himself so any accidents at this stage are not his fault but rather yours for not getting him out to potty more often.

The most important aspect to puppy house training is to be consistent. Use the same commands, take him to the same potty place and give him the same praise and treats. Your puppy will learn quickly if you consistently do things the same way but change anything up and he may get confused. Puppies respond well to consistency.

If you make potty training a positive experience for you and your dog your puppy house training will be finished sooner than you expect. That means that you will need to be patient and loving even when there is an accident. Just take him outside and praise him when he does it right and don?t give it any attention when he does it wrong. Your puppy wants to make you happy so it is crucial that you do not do anything that will confound him.

Using a crate will assist you in your puppy house training when have to leave your puppy at home. Dogs naturally try to keep their own space clean so a crate will help your puppy to learn how to control himself. Dogs are also natural den animals so they enjoy having a small home of their own.

Consistency is the most crucial part of puppy house training. Make sure that you use a consistent command and take him to the same spot every time so that there is no confusion on his part. Having a positive experience will also help him to learn faster and you will be done with your puppy house training earlier.

Puppy house training is the most crucial part of owning a new puppy and you can train your puppy in just a few short weeks if you are consistent and positive about the process. You will then be able to enjoy your puppy more as he grows and you will never have to concern yourself with accidents in the house again.

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