Do You Have A Dog Safety Vest Or Coat

As most dog owners know, dogs do not have much sense where traffic is concerned, and will frequently try to race across a highway if something catches their eye on the other side, regardless of any on coming vehicles. If it is dark then the likelihood of other people or motorists seeing your dog before it is to late are greatly reduced.

As winter approaches the nights begin to get darker sooner and mornings remain darker later, so you might find yourself walking your dog in the dark on a regular basis. So at this time of year it is common sense to make sure that your dog remains visible at all times. This can be simply done by ensuring your dog has a reflective safety vest or coat when out on dark winter nights.

A dog safety vest, just like the human counterparts, allow your dog to remain visible in the dark even from a distance. These reflective vests or coats will not only improve your dogs safety but can also help prevent to the general public. Motorists are not the only ones that might have trouble seeing your dog, but also cyclists and pedestrians.

If you let your dog off the lead for instance, then it might get close to people without them noticing, this may lead to people triping or falling when surprised by a dog approaching all of a sudden.

Dogs and cyclists often don’t get along at the best of times, in the dark however a cyclist will find it harder to see your dog. This might cause a cyclist to run into your dog accidentaly, causing injury to either the cyclist or dog. If your dog is wearing a reflective safety jacket, then the dog will be easily seen in the cyclists front light, or from light from surround street lighting being reflected off of the dogs vest.

You can buty a dog safety vest in a variety of styles and sizes to fit all varieties of dog. These range from the all yellow style that we humans wear, to designer coats that have reflective strips or trim. So no matter what your tastes, you should be able to obtain a dog saftey jacket to suit your dog.

Whenever you choose a winter dog coat for your dog, always think about it’s safety aspect, as well as it’s looks. Ask yourself why you are buying it, is it a fashion statement or something to keep your dog warm and safe?

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