Dog Arthritis Medicine ? The Best Medication For Dog Arthritis

Dog arthritis is a condition which affects in the region of 60 million dogs in the U.S alone, and aside from its large occuruence it is also a very serious disease in dogs. The reason for the seriousness of the affliction is due to its serious effects on the mobility of your dog.

Because arthritis directly effects the joints of your dog, the condition can serverly restrict movement
within your dog making it extremely painful for your dog to perform even the most simplistic of tasks like fetching a stick.

Because of the seriousness of the condition a lot of time and money has been spent on the area the area of Dog Arthritis Medicine and in this article I will outline some of the most widely used and effective medications for dog arthritis.

Rimadyl ? Rimadyl is a drug that is made by the makers of Viagra Pfizer. It was originally designed for humans but instead was rolled out for dogs due to some side effects in humans and a congested marketplace for human pain killers. The Dog athritis medicine is very effective in the short term at dealing with a reduction in pain and and swelling but some health professionals are still on the fence about its safety for long term use.

Pfizer on its own disclaimer exclaims that some dogs will be more susceptible to experiencing side effects than others including labradors which roughly 25% will suffer an adverse reaction. These include kidney, liver, urinary tract or indegisitne tract damage.

Joint Supplements ? Just like doctors may prescribe supplements to a human patient vets often prescribe joint supplements to dogs suffering from arthritis. Joint supplements have two major funtions and these are to promote the regeneration of cartilage in the joints, which is more often than not the major cause of arthritis. The second function is to reduce the pain and swelling of the animal’s joints indirectly by dealing with the main issue of degeneration of the joint tissue which will generally cause the pain and swelling of the joints.

Of these two dog arthritis medicines Rimadyl will have a quicker effect with most reports suggesting a noticable difference within two days, but because it is drug, there are many reported side effects, and have been reported cases of animal deaths attributed to Rimadyl, but this is a minority.
On the other hand joint supplements will take a bit longer to kick in and have an effect, with most owners reporting a noticable difference within a week. But because most supplements contain nothing but organic ingredients and target the actual cause of the discomfort ie joint degeneration most vets will recommend long term use, with many even recommending use of supplements as a preventative method.
The trick is to find a supplement which has been as rigorously tested and is also clinically proven to work like a drug, and also not to pay over the odds for any supplement’s for use as Medication for Dog Arthritis.

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