Dog Can Be In Pup During 61–63 Days

A dog can be in pup during 61–63 days.

The main process can’t start unexpectedly. Usually, a number of signs precede it. There are pendulous belly and sagging of a back. One or two days before delivery external genitals become bigger, nipples are filled with a colostrum, which is more concentrated than milk and in which there are some antibodies necessary for protecting puppy’s organism from infectious diseases. During last predelivery days body’s temperature falls to 37°? (norm is 38,8–39,3°?). During pupping, the temperature rises again to norm or can be a little above it. Shortly before pupping, she-dogs show anxiety, try to avoid people, search for secluded corner and refuse meal.

Before the beginning of dog’s pupping, prepare the following:

– Pure towels, some rags, which will be necessary for taking a puppy and helping it to be born (puppies in fetal bladders are very slick);

– Rubber hot-water bottle;

– An antiseptic solution for hands;

– A box for born puppies;

– Scissors for cutting an umbilical cord;

– Threads for tying an umbilical cords;

– A bucket for the used rags and afterbirths.

Predelivery period can continue from 3 to 12 hours. During this time, she-dog worries very much, puffs and blows, tries to make a “nest”.
The period of pupping depends on the quantity of puppies and can continue from 2 or 3 hours tol 12 or even 24 hours. An interval between giving a birth to puppies must be 15–20 minutes, but the time of pauses can even reach 2 hours. Puppies are often born in fetal membranes which, your dog will gnaw through. However, if there is a plural pregnancy and it is difficult for the dog to reach every born puppy, owner should free puppies from fetal membranes. Then you must carefully wipe dry puppies, clean mucus from a mouth and cut off an umbilical cord far away from belly, tied it up beforehand. Body temperature of newborn puppies falls quickly; that’s why it is necessary to keep up the heat in a room. It should be wiped carefully by a soft, pure towel, otherwise puppies can easily catch a cold.

After the birth of a puppy or sometimes together with it a placenta appears. Dog instinctively tries to eat it, but don’t allow it to do this more than once or twice, this can cause a diarrhoeia. After delivery count the number of placentae, the number of it and the number of puppies must be the same! Never take puppies away from the dog, it will start worrying, besides, presence of puppies and their attempts to suck stimulate the birth of the following puppies.

During the process of birth you can move born puppies to a small box with a hot-water bottle wrapped in a soft towel. Put puppies and slightly cover them with a towel.

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