Dog First Aid

Dog first aid -do you want your dog to die because you don?t know basic first aid?

What are the aims of dog first aid?

To preserve your dog?s life, to prevent your dog suffering any longer than need be and to prevent the situation you are in from deteriorating any further.

Four rules of First Aid
Stay calm and don?t panic.
Maintain the airway: Pull the tongue forward and check there is nothing in the throat.
Make sure the dog can breathe, check for injuries to the chest.
Control bleeding.

Contact the vet as soon as possible.

Accidents can and do happen no matter how much care and attention you give your dog.
Would you know what to do in an emergency? Having a first aid kit at hand could make all the difference. But how many ingredients do we put in one. At the very least it should contain :

* Bandages – adhesive and open weave
* Cotton wool
* 5″ flat blunt ended scissors
* Tweezers
* Surgical sticky tape
* Water wash bottle and sterile saline solution
* Some non-adhesive absorbent dressings (5cm x 5cm) to cover open wounds
* Rope or soft length of cloth for use as a muzzle
* 3% Hydrogen peroxide
* Towels or cloth to stem bleeding
* Board or blanket which can be used as a stretcher
* A list of emergency phone numbers
Please visit dog first aid

Now we have the basic first aid kit, how do we use it?

Dogs that have been injured , can and will bite. To prevent this muzzle the dog using the rope or soft cloth. If the dog is involved in a traffic accident make sure it cannot be harmed any further by being in a dangerous place, lift injured dogs carefully with a board or blanket unless the dog is very badly injured or you suspect spinal injuries. Phone and ask advice from the vet.
The first priority in life-saving treatment is often referred to as A-B-C. Airway ? Breathing ? Circulation.

Make sure the dog has a good airway, pull the tongue forward and has nothing lodged in its throat.
Check for injuries to the dogs chest that will stop them from breathing.
Check any wounds for bleeding and apply a tight bandage or improvise with your towels or cloth.

Dog First Aid. Over 90% of canines will be subjected to a life threatening incident during their lifespan. We owe it to our pets to have information to help save their lives in an emergency. The first five minutes are absolutely crucial to your dogs health

* What would you do if your dog was choking?
* What would you do if your dog was bleeding?
* What would you do if your dog was suffering from
* What would you do if your dog was bitten?
* What would youdo if your dog?s leg was broken?
* What would you do if your dog was suffering from heatstroke?
* And just as importantly, would YOU know what NOT TO DO?
For more info click first aid kit

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