Dog Insurance In Australia – Review

If you are reading this, then you are possibly searching for more information about pet insurance , especially in Australia.

Like many insurance policies these days, and especially at the moment with the financial climate being as it is, it can be a difficult decision whether to worry about pet insurance?

And there is no easy formula or secret as to how to decide whether to have pet insurance or not?

Sometimes the decision may be more based upon your financial circumstances? And other times, maybe more about the type of pet that you want to insure? Or maybe the state of health of your dog?

Maybe even the level of knowledge or experience that you have with pets could be a factor that you may use in deciding whether to get dog insurance.

After deciding that you may want dog insurance, another decision is what dog insurance company are you going to use?

There are numerous organisations offering dog insurance. These include (for example, (and not listed in any order):

Vets Own:

One organisation that I suggest that you do NOT use is Petplan (, as from my own experience, and in my opinion, their standard of service is not good. Some searches on the net also seems to support this, as there seems to be some past clients also not happy with their standard of service, etc.

Please bear in mind when trying to compare pet insurance organisations and their various polices, that some of the differences between them can include (for example):

a. some charge more for for some dog;
b. some will insure older pet while some won’t;
c. some have different premiums for the policies;
d. some have different excesses for claims; and
e. some have different plans (eg some may have only one plan, while others may have several).

A few of the policy variations have been (for example) that they may only cover claims relating to injury or accident. While some other policies will cover these, plus other such as illness.

If you have a particular Veterinarian that you want to use, then it may be a good idea to discuss the matter of dog insurance with them, as they may be able to recommend specific companies and/or policies. Or you may even find that some Veterinarians don’t accept or do insurance work.

Some reported suggestions indicate that many dog owners, rather than spending their money on insurance, would be better off (financially) to bank or save the same amount that the insurance would have cost. And over time, even with the costs associated for their pet, would more than likely be ahead, compared to what the insurance would have cost.

While some statistics reportedly show that the percentage of owners who take out dog insurance is rather low, it still may be something you want to consider for your circumstances.

Please note that the details on this page about dog insurance may change without notice, and therefore may not remain current.

Good luck with your searches and decisions about dog insurance.

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