Dog Owner||apos;||s Guide To Dog Lyme Disease

Dogs can suffer numerous problems when they have lyme disease. The kidneys, joints, or heart can be affected if the disease isn’t treated in time. This disease usually occurs in southern states, northeastern states, California, and Mississippi. However, the disease can be a problem in any area of the country. Here is a look at lyme disease in dogs.


You may be wondering what causes this disease. Ticks transmit this disease when they bite your dog. Through his bite, the tick passes along a bacterium named Borrelia burgdorferi. The tick has to stay attached to your dog for multiple days since the bacteria can’t be transmitted immediately.


Dogs exhibit a range of symptoms when infected with this disease. Most dogs developing limping, especially in one of the forelegs. As the condition advances, the once barely noticeable limping gets much worse. Loss of appetite, swollen lymph nodes, and fever are other common symptoms of lyme disease in dogs.


Your dog’s medical history and symptoms will need to be discussed initially. These symptoms will appear suddenly, which points to Lyme disease. The condition can be definitely diagnosed through a blood test to detect the presence of the aforementioned bacterium.


Dog lyme disease should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If the disease is allowed to advanced, the joints and nerves may suffer irreversible damage. Antibiotics are used to treat lyme disease in canines. Your dog would need to take the antibiotics for at least three weeks. Aspirin will help if your dog is suffering a lot of pain.


Most dogs experience relief after a few days, although treatment needs to be continued for three weeks. However, the disease may recur in months or even weeks. This will require another round of antibiotics.

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