Dog Thieving And Stealing How To Stop It!

Receive Any dog at one point of his life does counter surfing and stealing. Whether he surfs your kitchen bench or take something from the trash can or you areclothes and if not stare at, can even snatch something gone from your hands! Though it may sound repulsive, but it is the ordinary behavior of the dog. Why is it so difficult to acknowledge? After all he is a dog, a scavenger! Certain habits which are recognized as Incorrect by us, the human being, are perfectly fine with the dogs! So to alter this dog habit, you will have to modify your perspective of looking at it first!

Correcting this matter on time not only safe you from loads of shame but also prevents your dog from the risk of thieving something toxic or injurious.

The first question that arises in dog owner’s brain when he catches his dogs robing is “Why did he do it?” Any dog lover will surely not keep his dog hungry no matter how strict he is! But the reasons behind dog’s counter surfing are slight unusual!

1. All of the dogs rob for a mere attention from you. Every time you scold them or scream at them or run after them when they are counter surfing, they just get satisfied by your concentration. Thus they associate stealing as a game and an easy way of getting attention.

2. Not all the dogs robl food things. They can decide on the shoes or handkerchief or all the stuff that has their master’s scent. This occurs mainly with the dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

3. The dogs who not have apposite dog training regularly get indulge in acts like stealing, garbage surfing and often become the cause of awkwardness!

4. Even when the dog is getting bored, he will like to vile away his time by taking a closer look in and around your house.

5. The dog also drops his etiquette when attracted with some leftover food in the kitchen. Most regularly if the kitchen cleaning is not done thoroughly after cooked a chicken or fish, the aroma draws the dog and forces him to screen the kitchen counter or the trash can.

The robbing is not a difficulty that cannot be treated and you can take it easy as you and your dog will by no means be put behind the bards for this crime. But at the same time this behavior should not be left unattended!

1. Take all the temptations. Thoroughly clean the kitchen after Cooked . Take all the leftover food from the kitchen surface and keep the rubbish bin out of the reach of the dog. This practice is of grate help in reducing dog’s stay to your kitchen.

2. Increase the correct eating behavior in your dog and keep them. That means, give him his food in his bowl always and never throw scraps to him. Never split your food with the dog while cooking or eating meals. The best trick is every time giving the dog a Kong toy with a hidden food while cooking or eating food.
3. Give the dog enough exercise, far walks and plenty of toys. Such practices will keep his mind away from the thought of thieving.

4. Don’t yell or run after or give any kind of attention when he robs. Rather when he is sitting gently while you preparing the food, do praise him and teat him telling the reason why he is get the treat.

5. Last but not the least; obedience training is the key to success. This way you can communicate your canine that his job is not to steal but to catch the stealer!

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