Dog Training Using The Clicker Method. All Hype?

There are numerous training approaches that can be found on the net. One such training process which has become very popular recently is clicker method training. It seems that everywhere you look you see references to the clicker method. There is either a large amount of hype going on with this method or its something worth researching further. Here we will look and see what the clicker method training consists of.

In point of fact, clicker method training is not altogether a new thing. It has existed for quite a number of years but has recently has come back in fashion. Basically it revolves around using a small device which is called a clicking box or just a clicker which activate by pushing with your thumb creating an audible click sound.

Utilising the clicker strategically whilst working with your dog, he will start to recognise what a single click or a double click translates to without having to give a vocal command or reward.

Here’s how it works: start by training your dog in the normal way. You would first associate a click a treat and a couple of times a day, give your dog 5 treats and click the clicker each time he gets the treat. Eventually your dog will be looking for his reward when he hears the sound of the clicker.

Next show the dog the command you want to get him to learn, such as ‘sit’. Give the dog the order, demonstrating what the dog should do and when the dog is successful in obeying the command then reward the dog with a treat and while giving the dog a treat click the clicker. Afterwards slowly start to click as soon as the correct action has been taken. If asking the dog to sit, for instance, as soon as his behind makes contact with the floor, then give the reward. Then introduce the word command ‘sit’. Guess what, after a very short while your dog will know exactly what to do when you give the sit command!

Dogs, just like people achieve more through rewards rather than punishment. As your dog learns, he will become more tuned in to the sound of the click as a positive reward rather than the treat.

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