Dog Training With A Leash – Everything You Need To Know About Leash Training A Dog

Walking your dog can be an excellent source for exercise for both you and your beloved pet. You can take a walk to the park, neighbor’s home, around the neighborhood or just around the block. No matter where you choose to go, dog training with a leash will be extremely helpful and necessary to ensure the safety of you, your dog and other animals and people in your path.

Adjusting to the Leash

You don’t want your dog to be afraid when walking while on a leash, so you should help to ease him or her into it. Dog training with a leash can make dogs nervous and skittish. The key is patience and consistence

One of the ways to help make the adjustment for your puppies training with a leash easier is to attach the leash to your dog’s collar for a little while. By familiarizing your dog to wear a leash, he or she will soon discover and see it is not going to hurt him or her.

Taking a Walk

Dog training with a leash will help your dog to become comfortable and familiar with wearing a leash. Your beloved puppy will enjoy an exciting adventure once realizing the leash is not the enemy. Soon, the pet will see that training with a leash is not such a bad thing after all and will begin to feel excitement for the opportunity to have a fun and safe venture exploring the great outdoors with you.

Taking Control

When you are walking with little pet, hold on to the leash while preventing it from having too much slack to let your dog know there is not a chance of free roaming.

Keep a good grip on the leash with a firm control over the dog as you walk enjoy your walk together, and don’t allow him or her to get side-tracked by any form of distraction through objects, people or other animals. If so, it is okay for you to give your dog a pull or tug to let him or her know to keep moving.

You are the boss, and your pet must learn to follow what you are leading him or her to do. Training your dog with a leash will help to enable you to have the control over of your dog, so your time together when walking will be a pleasurable and relaxing one.

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