Dogs Health Issues

Every owner loves their four-footed pet and tries to protect it from troubles, but, unfortunately, no one can feel secured against dangerous meeting with parasites which can be in the hair, on the skin or in the organism of dogs and do irreversible harm to it.

Depending on favorite « places of residence» all parasites are divided into external (fleas, scabies mites, dog biting lice) and internal (nematode worms, cestodes and flat worms). External parasites live on the skin or hair of a dog and suck its blood, inflict suffering on your pet, causing an itch, a rash, falling out of shreds of the hair. The most widespread external parasites are:

Fleas. These bloodsucking pathophoric parasites attack dogs in summer and in autumn more often. The best way of fleas control is preventive maintenance. Periodically examine the hair of your dog and its tender places (belly, neck, inguinal region, tail and head). Carefully clean a corner of your pet. But if you noticed fleas in the hair or on the skin of a dog, wash it up with a special shampoo and treat the whole room. As a rule, you must do these manipulations a number or times, if you want to assure devastation.

Lice. These tiny bluish-grey beings threaten health of our pets the whole year round. In winter, lice occupy the top part of a neck, withers, internal surfaces of hips of a dog, and prefer to hide far away from direct sun in summer. If you want to deliver your puppy from lice, wash up the dog with a special shampoo or with any other insecticidal solution, treat the dog’s bed and its things. Combing out of hair also gives good results.

Mites. These is a well-known dangerous infection carrier, as a rule, threatens the health of dogs during spring-and-summer period. It attacks your pet, sticks into it and sucks blood, causing an irritation of the skin and the skin itching. To protect a dog from these parasites, carefully examine it after each walk and comb out its hair. If you noticed a mite stuck into your pet, don’t pull it out, drop some oil onto this place or dab it of enamel and then twist it off by forceps. Paint a wound with iodine, and take a mite into a glass jar and bring it to the nearest sanitation service (they will tell you whether this insect is an infection carrier).

Dog biting louse. These yellow or light brown wingless insects in outward appearance remind lice very much. If you want to check your dog for these lice, warm the big rag of a dark fabric (approximately to 50 °?) and cover a dog, you will see lice, because heat-loving insects will creep over a fabric. If you want to deliver your puppy from these lice, do the same.

Internal parasites (tapeworms, ascarides and helminths) live in a gastrointestinal tract of a dog. Their activity is very dangerous for your pet, because it can lead to many serious illness to intestinal obstruction, epileptic attacks, diarrhoeia, vomiting, etc. You will see presence of helminths or worms in an organism, only after carefully laboratory analysis of the excrements.

Pets are not just “alive” beings that live with us, pet are a lot more important. And you are really responsible for them. Those of you who have dogs, should know info about dog health. This is not a bizarre statement, this is what your pet really needs from you.

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