Dogs Pet Leash Training Guidance ? Teaching Your Dog Pets Let||#8217;||s Go Command

Are you up for the challenge? Great, because in today’s article we are going to discuss a simple method that can help you leash train your dog and teach her to obey the ?let’s go? command.

Because new puppies are easily distracted by anything and everything around them, it is important to start your ?lets go? leash training in a relatively quiet area. There should be very little distractions from other cats and dogs, children, and loud noises. The perfect area would be a private backyard or a quiet sidewalk in front, so long as you have a little bit of privacy.

The equipment you will need is simple: a leash, a loose fitting collar for your dog’s neck, and a squeaky toy that you will use to divert his attention towards you.

The first thing you will need to do is to get your dog interested in the squeaky toy that you have brought with you. Play with it and show it to her in a friendly manner while talking to your dog at the same time and asking ?what’s this?, ?pretty toy huh?, or ?look what I got? – doing so in a tone of voice that makes your puppy feel comfortable and playful. Everybody has that ?cutesy voice? that like to talk to their pets with, so use yours!

At this point your dog should be very turned on to the squeaky toy and will want to follow your hands and the fun noises that follow. To test this out you should get your dog’s attention diverted away from you, perhaps towards another animal, and then start squeezing the toy to see if she forgets the activity around her and darts towards you and the noise.

Stand with your dog at your left side while you have coiled most of the leash in your right hand. Your left hand should be holding the end of the leash near the collar as well as the squeaky toy. When you’re ready to move, give a loud ?Let’s Go!? command and begin to walk away. It is important that your command is in a cheerful and positive tone of voice.

Your dog should then start moving at your same pace because there is little room for the leash to extend and the fun in a squeaky toy that she loves so much is right near her face, keeping her entertained and wanting to move towards that direction.

Be sure to utilize the simple training procedure for only a few steps at a time. If you make the mistake of trying to keep your dog walking on the leash after giving the ?let’s go? command for too far lengths at a time, she will get bored quickly and will stop watching you in the toy, as well as your movements.

Repeat this protocol as often as needed until your dog will follow in your direction without the use of a diversion (the squeaky toy). Checkout other free info about Small Pet Dogs and Dog Food Pet Supplies.

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