Dogs Stiff From Arthritis Are Not Happy Dogs – Glucosamine Chondroitin For Dogs Could Help

Is your dog slower, more sluggish, limping, or experiencing pain? Lots of dogs can suffer from arthritis even if they’re not that old yet. If your dog seems to be suffering from arthritis, the earlier you do something about it, the better. Studies show that those who begin treatment earlier tend to get better results.

Why do some dogs get arthritis and other don’t? Some dogs have diets that contain uric acid, which is found in red meats. Uric acid has been known to have a bad effect on the joints of some dogs. Your dog’s diet could be the cause of a variety of health issues. This is why dog owners should be very conscious of what they feed their dogs.

So if your dog is suffering from arthritis, what should be done?

One of the most effective treaments that dog owners use is glucosamine chondroitin for dogs. Much like glucosamine for humans, the dog version has also proven to help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Glucosamine is a substance that the body produces naturally to produce liquids that maintain cartilage and joints. Glucosamine for dogs is particularly useful for dogs in the early stages of arthritis, but it can also be very effective for some dogs that are already in more advanced stages.

There are certain things to be aware of when purchasing glucosamine for dogs. When just starting with glucosamine, many vets recommend a ramp up phase where the dog will take more than the normal dose for a couple of weeks. If your dog is only taking glucosamine to prevent arthritis, then he will only need the normal dose. As always, your vet should determine the correct doasge.

As most dog owners know, sometimes it can be difficult or impossible to get your dog to take a pill. Thankfully, glucosamine comes in liquid form and chewable pill form, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your dog to take it.

High quality glucosamine that is given properly can be extremely beneficial to preventing your best friend from having to endure pain and suffering from arthritis. Also, if your dog is already arthritic then the glucosamine will still help lessen inflammation and pain. So how long does it take to see positive results? Nice improvements can often be seen in only a few weeks, sometimes a couple of months. Progress varies with each dog depending on a variety of factors. Dog arthritis treatment is a virtually no risk substance proven to help is defiantly worth a try.

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