Dogs Training: The Command “Place”

You must teach the dog to return to the place both in everyday life, and during special training. As conditioned stimuli the command and gesture may be, as unconditional ? promoting and easy-jerk leash may serve.
A puppy begins to be taught to return to its place from the first days of his arrival in the house. This is the place where the rug (mat) should lie, and is designed to relax the puppy, as well as for its temporary accommodation in cases where it prevents people (while cleaning, eating, etc.).
Each time the puppy is full has played enough, it begins to lay down anywhere for a rest, you need to pick him up, bring to his place and after the command “place” put on the mat, repeat the command “Place” and pat then. At first, the puppy, usually tries to get up and run. In this case, keeping it on a bed, you should repeat the command “Place”, pat, and when he calms down, shouting encouraging “good”, stroking and delicacy, and depart then. If the puppy is asleep, this exercise can be completed. If he gets up and tries to settle down somewhere in another place, the exercise should be repeated. During the day, exercise should be repeated 3-4 times.
By this method trainers and owners usually teach the puppy to go on command “place” in cases where during the intake of food by people he will beg or during cleaning of apartments it will chase a broom, etc.
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Keep in mind that it is relatively easy to teach a puppy to the command “place” when he is tired or hungry. Much harder to do so when it excites the smell of food at the table or moving on the floor attracted with a broom or vacuum cleaner. In the first case, the skills are easily produced in young, 1-2-month old puppies, and the in second case in puppies that have reached 3 or 4 months of age and older. Gradually, your puppy will get used to run the command “place”.
Teach the puppy to the place and continue do it until the age of 3-6 months. But now, after the command “place” the puppy is not brought, but assigned to its place. This is done as follows. When you need to send a puppy to a place, it is called in and withdrawn to his place. Then repeat the command “place” and put the puppy on the mat, and then encourage with the exclamation “good”, stroking and snacking and departing then. Once the puppy has lied for a while, you call him and bit play with him. If, after the command “place” it does not go into place next to the master, repeat the command with more rigorous manner, and carry away behind him. If this fails, use a leash with a harness or a collar. You withdraw the puppy after the command “place” to his place on the leash, take off the collar or harness, put the puppy on the mat, while repeating the command “place” and encourage the exclamation “good” snacking and stroking. In the future, accompany a puppy to his place without a leash.

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