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Sigmund Freud argued that all actions of living creatures are dictated, directly or indirectly, by two forces – Eros, the life instinct (Eros energy called libido) and Thanatos (an innate desire for death and destruction).
Within a fraction of the life there is tension between Eros and Thanatos, and that aggression is the mechanism that directs the energy thanatos outside, directing it from the “I” to other living creatures.
Bad, you say, but otherwise, if the energy thanatos is not directed outward, it will soon lead to the destruction of the individual to self-destruction.
Thus, we have to recognize that aggressive behavior is inevitable.
In addition, Konrad Lorenz (Lorenz), Nobel laureate, “the father of ethology?, felt that aggression originates from the innate instinct of fighting for survival, demonstrating the similarity with the position of Freud.
Hence, aggressive behavior is not only inevitable, but also innate.
It is to such a pessimistic conclusion reached by the greatest experts in the field of ethology and psychology.
So, we clarify the nature of aggression. In light of the foregoing, it becomes apparent failure of the two statements very often used by all those who do not like dogs: the existence of “aggressive breeds” and “harm of the security dog training.
In order to better understand this issue, let us do another theoretical digression.
If aggression is inevitable, what happens with it? Is it possible to predict the behavior of dogs in terms of manifestations of aggression? It turns out you can. It’s enough to take into account several indicators, recalling the “law of accumulation of aggression” of the same Konrad Lorenz. Its essence is that the more time has passed since the last “release of aggression”, the smaller the stimulus needed to ensure that it was repeated. That is, the more time passed and the more “tense” atmosphere around the dog is, the greater the likelihood of “unprovoked”, or unmotivated, aggression (as a concrete action of dog). Given the increased stressful life in the metropolis, it is easy to evaluate explosion a ?coach? dogs (we still will have to return to the problem).
In the domestic dog breeding (with the light hand of some professionals) so-called aggression was seen solely as a mental aberration. But as we see, all is not so simple, because the instinct for survival in the face of self-destruction under the influence of thanatos is the motif of more than significant. In practice, all the above seems simple enough.
Male, like the Rottweiler, spend days lying on the sofa, walks twice a day for 15 minutes. All this comes against the backdrop of the lack of mating and feeding fine. As a result, Thanatos (“accumulated” aggression) begins to threaten the very dog.
As we with you, dear reader, remember, slightest external stimulus in this situation is enough, and the unavoidable “detente”. Note – discharge quite mentally healthy dog!
What do you think if at that moment the master, not too good contact with your dog, try to banish him from the chair, what happens?

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