Duration Of Your Dog’s Gestation

As well as the woman, she-dog passes some pregnancy periods. Your dog changes and this will help you to define the duration of your dog’s gestation.

During the first two weeks after coupling enlargement of nipples gives signals about early pregnancy.
Veterinary surgeon examines dog’s belly, and after it s/he can tell whether it is in pup or not.

But if you are still in doubt as to your pet’s pregnancy, ask your vet to do analysis of blood or make ultrasonic-diagnostics. Of course, dog’s pregnancy is shorter, than that of a woman, and dogs pup in 63-65 days after conception. And if there are three trimesters of woman’s pregnancy, there are also three periods of dog’s pregnancy lasting 21 days each.

On the sixth week of pregnancy a dog has an insatiable appetite. During this moment you should give it more food, because your pet must support puppies, and itself. The quantity of food must increase approximately by 50 per cent from its usual helping.
It is very important to give it balanced feeding, follow all the vet’s advices.

Dog’s belly, which bears many puppies, considerably increases in its size. But if your dog bears only one or two puppies, the size of a belly will increase to a very small degree and pregnancy can become plainly visible during last 2 weeks.

If your dog bears many puppies, you can expect an untimely birth.
As a rule, she-dog gives birth to puppies without assistance. But there are some exceptions, about which you must know. Go to veterinary surgeon, if…

– If this is the 65th or 66th day and you suspect delayed labor;
– If your dog has uterine contractions during longer than two hours, and does not pup.
– If your dog gave birth to a puppy but it was not the last, and three hours has passed.
– If labour pains are long enough and labour activity is unsuccessful. This situation is especially critical!!
– If your dog is very tired, and its parodynia are so small, that a dog can not be delivered.

As soon as your dog is delivered, take care of puppies. Remember that puppies have an elevated body temperature, that’s why an ideal place will be a small house near their mum; it must be warm and comfortable.

When your dog just puped, it feels too vulnerable, that’s why it is so necessary to prepare beforehand such place, where nobody will disturb it. Don’t invite friends to this “show”, because thus you put a strain on it. It will be better, if only dog’s owner is behind during the time of delivery. Your dog should have possibility to get used to a place, where it will pup. A pet may not like it at first.

Pets are not just “alive” beings that live with us, pet are far beyond that notions. And you are really responsible for them. Those of you who have dogs, must know info about dog health. This is not a bizarre statement, this is what your pet really needs from you.

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