English Mastiff A Great Dog To Have In Your Business For Protection

The English Mastiff is a one of the best dogs that you can have for protection. Because of the large body and muscle mass you can rest assured that not many people will not find the dog intimidating. While some people might be intimidated by the large head which actually makes the face appear square you as the owner need not worry. While the breed might not be the largest dog breed you would probably think that they are if you own one. The males have a wide weight range from 165 to 250 pounds. The females are a bit smaller, but still just as muscular and protective of family. If you think the weight alone is intimidating for your great protector then you will think that the height will be even better as the males are roughly 30 inches and females are 27 inches tall. Here are some reasons you will want to think about as to why you should have an English Mastiff as your companion and protector:

Very protective Dogs – While the natural instinct of most dogs are to protect something, if you choose an English Mastiff you will not have to educate them. They will do an excellent job of protecting your home, car, and family. If you have kids they are more protective than normal as well. This breed of dog will typically place themselves between a stranger and yourself so you will want to warn any of your friends that they are going to have to let your dog get used to them. Even if you let the stranger in your home you can expect to have your dog bark and growl for a few minutes until you tell them that it is okay and assure them that it is okay.

Great Company – While their size can be imposing and frightening to some people you as the owner will quickly realize that they are good dogs with a large heart that you can fill with your love and affection. Now the problem with this large heart is they are very loyal so you will have to ensure that if you go on vacation you have someone watching them that is familiar with them. This breed also is smart, but will like to place the stupid game with you so that you can spoil them even more.

Great dog to have around teenagers – The size of them might seem like it would mean they would hurt children, but they are actually very laid back. The English Mastiff will actually look at kids like they are puppies that they might not have so they will treat the kids like they would treat there puppies. You to have to be wary when you have a baby or small child with a this dog breed because the size could harm a baby or small child without the dog meaning to because he is playing.

They can easily interact with other pets of all types- Even though they used to be a war dog they no longer care much for fighting or hunting. They will normally only get into a fight if they are provoked to defend themselves. However, you will want to properly introduce your dog to any new animal in your home.If properly introduced they will not harm other animals in your home, unless they view them as possible problem.

If you need or are looking for a large protector who is very smart, gentle, and will impress anyone with there gorgeous coat and stance. However you will want to make sure you have your English Mastiff introduced properly. Another important part that you will want to do is try some Mastiff Training Tips

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