Essential Dog Training Advice

Essential Dog Training Tips & Advice
I you have ever trained a dog, you know how much of a struggle it can be. essential dog training advice can be exciting as well as challenging. Where do I begin? I’ll give you a few tips to point you in the right direction.

The first thing you must do with your dog is make him/her pay attention to commands. You might want to start by using a single phrase command sit, stay, etc.. Your dog needs to associate this phrase with an action. In the beginning this might be a bit difficult, so try using a dog treat. Hold the treat near the dog and use the phrase. Each time your dog pays attention, reward them. Gradually you will be able to get your dogs attention every time.

Dogs can get distracted fairly easy and have a short attention span. Taking this in mind it si best to go somewhere free of distractions such as loud noised, kids, or other pets. You should also limit your dog’s training sessions to around 30 min. each time so that your dog will not get restless and loose interest.

* You never want to hit or cause pain to your dog. This will only make them shy away from you and become harder to train in the long run.

* If your dog looses attention try to change your tone of voice and I’m not talking about yessing or screaming. Do not frighten your dog.

* Consistency, consistency, consistency. I can’t stress this enough. If you are not consistent, your dog will become confused and uncooperative.

There are 3 basic commands every properly trained dog should know. These keyword commands are sit, stay, & down. This is the core of any dog training and is a great start for any dog to learn.

Sit is the simplest of commands. All you must do once your dogs attention is acquired is gently push their backside down while saying sit. Keep consistent and eventually your dog will start catching on.

The next command is stay. This is very helpful for people with very rambunctious/ hyper dogs. All you must do to make your dog stay is place a treat on the ground in front of them and once your dog goes for the treat, just use the stay command. Once your dog starts to become obedient you can gradually move the treat further away from the dog every time. They will try to take some steps at times.. This is a way your dog is testing their boundaries with you.

The last command is down. Everyone knows when a dog gets excited they can tend to get hyper and start jumping. This is not a good thing, especially if you have a big dog. I have a very simple fix to this. Just use the command down when your dog starts to jump on you. The key is not to pet them or act excited toward them. It might even take putting their front legs down if you have to.

There are several other commands come, stand, shake, & roll over. The list goes on and on. Just keep in mind that essential dog training takes consistency and patience. Once you have mastered this I am sure you and your dog will share a better quality of life.

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