Everything You Need To Know About Scabies In Canines

Mites are responsible for causing scabies in canines. It is a very contagious condition. Although they normally affect other animals, humans can also be affected.

These parasitic mites survive by feeding on material on the skin. Although they can sometimes be spotted crawling on the skin, they can also burrow beneath the surface. This article will discuss scabies in dogs.


The most prominent sign of this condition is severe itching. This prompts your dog to scratch at the area constantly. Crusting and hair loss are common in this situation. It can also increase the risk of secondary skin infections.


Medical history and visual symptoms are the basis of diagnosis for this disease. Sometimes, a skin scraping may also be done. It will be analyzed microscopically to determine if mites are present on the skin. However, these mites are naturally found on dogs, so this can be an inaccurate method of diagnosis.


Dogs with scabies will need to be bathed using a medicated shampoo. This means weekly bathes for at least a month. Some dogs require treatment beyond this, so you may need to take him back to see the veterinarian. The vet will be able to determine if the condition has resolved.


As you know by now, scabies in dogs is very contagious. If you have other pets in your household, it’s a good idea to have them tested for mites. Since bedding and carpeting can harbor the mites, you will need to thoroughly clean them. Your dog will likely be reinfected if you don’t clean them.

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