Explanation Of Cross-Contextualization In Dog Training

There are a number of language that you will have to acquaint yourself with in the course of training your dog to be able to understand you and cause a useful measure of success with it. Cross contextualization is one of those language that is especially significant for you to know especially since the dog is a social animal and is likely to be in numerous places where you will expect it to answer to your directions.

Cross contextualization basically refers to the process of retraining your dog utilizing the same instructions in another setting or context. When you began training your dog, you most likely began training it at your home in the backyard or in the park. Overtime, your dog got used to retorting to your directives in that particular setting. However, when you were confident enough about its ability to answer unexpectedly to your string of instructions, you thought that it would respond to them anywhere you took it.

You may be at sea when you take your dog to a public park and order it to sit and it doesn’t. If you have been training it in your home, chances are it has become so used to the home that a change of setting seems to throw it back to the basics of learning. As a dog owner, you should know that your dog might not be confined to one place especially if you like taking it out. To stay away from any error for your dog, you will need to retrain it in any new setting or area you take it to. Make a list of places you are likely to take your dog and build training session around those areas.

Note that this isn’t as hard as getting a dog to learn commands for the first time. In cross contextualization, it’s the setting that your dog needs to get used to. The length of time it would take to train your dog in a different setting is shorter than if you were training it for the first time. Now that you know what cross contextualization is, you won’t go off yelling angrily at your dog when you take it somewhere it has never been and it doesn’t react to your orders, will you?

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