Find Out How To Make Your Dog Happy

Have you ever seen how a dog sleeps? It gently pulls the legs, Brylls slightly raise, it quietly snuffle. Perhaps it imagines itself running on a boundless field, and, perhaps, in a dream it plays with its best friend, who knows… In any case, it’s happy!Would you like to make it so happy when it wakes up? You Can Do it. Here you will find many tips to help to achieve this.

1. Take regular care of dog?s hair. Proper care will both allow your pet look beautiful, and also prevent the emergence of various skin diseases. And still it allows you to find hiding places behind the ears or on the side, when scratching it makes her squinting pleasure and jerking its hind leg.

2. Feed the dog like a king. Correct, quality food will prolong its life and will make it feel great until the old age.

3. Treat a dog with fleas means! Itching from insect bites makes the dog miserable and irritable, and in addition, parasites can cause allergies and be vectors of infectious diseases.

4. Play with the dog. Believe me, it is difficult to understand for the dog that you had a bad day, and only your desire is to crawl to the couch and sit on it with remote control from the TV and a cup of tea. It does wants to play with you! Take a little time to your hairy friend, and he will return its duty to you a hundred times with sincere love and immense adoration!

5. Grow a dog properly. Do not feed a puppy with cat food, and adult dogs with food for puppies.

6. Make sure the dog always has fresh water. Are you pleased to drink water with saliva, and still standing in the cup for few days? I think not. Believe me, the dog also does not very much. Just make sure your bowl of water was always full, and every day pour clean water.

7. Encourage your dog with sweets. There is nothing nicer for it than to get out a favorite treat of your hands.

8. Take out the dog in the park, the forest or to the country as often as possible to. What could be better than to open new places with the owner?

9. Do not play a doctor! If you are not a veterinarian, then do not try to treat the dog yourself. Most of the drugs meant for humans, can only hurt dogs. A timely visit to the doctor can save your pet lives.

10. Did you take a puppy? Take care of your things! Imagine that you’re a dog. You stand on all fours in the middle of the room and look around. What do you see? The lying cord from the iron on the floor. A bottle of detergent in the corner here. But at the edge of a wooden desk a stand for knives stands. And many shoes at the door… I think it is not necessary to explain that this is an urgent need to remove it away from the eyes in order to save both your belongings, and the health of the little curious dog.

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