Find Out How To Make Your Pet Happier

In order to make your pet happier you should follow just several rules as follows.

If possible, castrate or sterilize the dog. However you treat this procedure in any case, sterilized animals live longer and quieter. In addition, it is the easiest way to curb the growth of population of homeless dogs – castrated dog shall not run away and leave no offspring at some random bitches from the neighboring yard.

Do not overfeed the dog. Being overweight is harmful, excessive stress on the heart and other internal organs that significantly reduces the life expectancy of dogs and undermines its health. Imagine, can a dog be happy with a sick stomach or liver?

Remember to cut the claws of a dog, if they are not grind on the asphalt. Too long claws of the animals brings them serious discomfort and can lead to injury. Consult with your veterinarian, he will give you some tips on how to undertake this process quickly and safely.

From time to time check the dog’s toys. Are there any small debris among them that may fall into the stomach and injure the dog?

Allow your dog sniff the items on the street. Dogs love it, they learn about the world and get new information in such a way.Take it to a new place and let it enjoy all the variety of interesting fresh smells!

Teach your dog to bring the ball that is one of the most beloved dog games!

Learn how to understand dog?s language. The dog can not tell you the words of his experiences, but if you’re careful, you will soon learn to understand the language of his body. The tail hangs down and muzzle looks bleak? Something happened, perhaps, the dog is frightened or something hurts. Tail is kicked up and walks shaking from side to side? Of course, dog is happy! Believe me, it is not difficult, just watch, and eventually you become a professional “interpreter” with a dog to human.

Keep track of the state of the animal’s ears. Three are various diseases in this area such as ear infections, infections, mites and more. Wipe the ears with a special lotion at least once a week, massage them a little and bury for the prevention of ear drops, it will save you from many problems.

Give the dog a possibility to lie down, huddled close to you. Stroke and hug it and you will feel how much it calms and soothes you. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day on such way of communication, and your relationship with the dog will gradually become inseparable: this is the best way to show the dog how you need it.

Take care of your dog’s safety. I am sure that you do not want absolutely that your dog has become one of the millions of animals that are lost or run away from their masters annually. Attach the plate with the phone to the collar, be sure to get a tattoo with the number of pedigree or identification chip implant – all of this is for the event of unforeseen circumstances and will help you to find your dog as quickly as possible.

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