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Some puppy owners use force to communicate what they want their dogs to do. The fact about the matter is that smacking your dog each time it performs an undesirable act is only going to drive it away from you. If you want to correct your dog, there are numerous leashes in the market that can help you do so.

A dog is called a canis lupus familiaris. A dog is man?s best pal because of the almost human like bond that it forms with the right training you will enjoy the best of your dog when you train it properly.

A dog can send out various signals to its handler and it is up to the handler to receive and interpret those signals properly. Misreading the signals that your dog sends to you during its training can bungle the training up. A dog can signal non-verbally to you that it is unsure, afraid, tired or nervous.

A dog whistle is an effective dog training tool and is especially good for long distance learning. A dog whistle emits a sharp shrill sound that is audible only to the ears of a dog, which makes it an excellent training tool. A dog whistle can be used to call a dog back to its owner in the course of training.

Any slight change in the tone of your voice when you issue commands can throw a dog into confusion. Dogs that have grown so used to a particular tone of voice may be unsure about what to do if a different tone is used. Be consistent in both the tone and the speed of what you are saying so that your dog will understand it.

Some training gadgets are designed with the size of the dog in mind. Some huge dogs have such thick necks that some collars would be a miserable fit on. If you have a particularly large dog, a pronged collar will be good for it.

Don?t spoil your dog by petting it too much. Dogs like kids need a firm hand occasionally to live up to your expectations. A lax attitude in training your dog will leave you with a dog that chooses to do what it pleases.

Punishing a dog for disobeying your command is wrong unless you are certain it understood your command in the first place. A dog should comprehend your command first before being punished for not doing it.

Electronic dog training collars are commendable tools in dog training. You can use it to tell your dog what action is acceptable or not. It works by sending shock waves to the dog so that he knows that the action on his mind is unacceptable. While this is good, humans must not misuse it.

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