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Dog is man?s best friend. I truly believe that. I love my dog. A well- trained dog can be a great companion for anyone from small children to adults. Specially trained dogs can do some amazing things. Dogs are even trained to do almost human tasks like calling 911 when there is an emergency.

In this article I am going to tell you a few things about training your dog that will make him or her even more valuable to everyone in your family. I would like to share some things that I have learned with you about training your dog.

There are some important basics you need to learn to successfully train your dog before we start. Obedience commands are important for laying a foundation in communicating between you and your dog, it creates a common language that you and your dog understand.

To Many new dog owners never really establish this kind of communication, and end up struggling with a disobedient dog as a result. There are many styles of training for your dog, but I want to stick to the basics and not get things to complicated for you.

The training I want to tell you about is the leash and collar technique, it’s widely used and is very effective if done correctly. The leash and collar can be used in varying degrees of force from mild to harsh, but not cruel, and should never be used to nag your dog with ineffective correction.

Generally the leash is used as the main form of control to help you teach your dog each new behavior. Once it displays that it knows a command the leash will be used to correct the dogs behavior.

I always use basic commands when I have train my dogs and it has worked well for me. If you don’t know any basic commands here are just a few easy ones that most dog owners know;

Heel- (to walk on a loose leash)





Release ? (To release an object from its mouth)

One thing you need to know is, the leash and collar is just one of the many tools to help you train your dog. Leash training can never replace leader/follower relationship between the owner and the dog. Leash training will increase the bond between you and your dog, but can never replace trust that can only come from you and how you treat your dog.

Positive reinforcement training can also help you train your dog to learn these basic commands. Encouraging them with petting and positive, cheerful words much like you do with a baby who catches a ball. You can even applaud. Giving your dog treats is also effective when training your dog to performs certain tasks.

There are, as I said before, many ways to train your dog. I hope this article will encourage you to do a little more research on the topic so you can train your dog to be the best he or she can be.

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