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Aromatherapy and Puppies: The Citronella No Bark Collar

Looking for a way to stop dogs from barking? The citronella No Bark collar is proven to work 85% of the time. That may not be 100%, but the chances that it may well work for your dog make it worth your while trying.

Barking dogs are a disturbance. They annoy neighbors, disturb your peace and quiet and keep you awake at night. No one likes a barking dog. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to stop a dog from barking, once they’re in the habit of doing so. Some dogs barking is triggered by almost anything. If they see a cat on the wall, they bark. Maybe they bark at people passing by your gate, perhaps they bark at other dogs in the neighborhood.

Normally dogs bark for a reason. They warn of intruders or bark to warn other dogs of danger. Dogs also bark when they’re bored, unhappy, or uncomfortable. If your dog suddenly develops a habit of barking you may first of all want to look into the possible reasons for their barking. You may be able to isolate what is making them bark a lot. If your dog is bored provide him with dog toys and make sure he’s getting enough regular exercise. From experience I’ve seen that a well exercised dog rarely has a problem with habitual barking. Exercise tires a dog, and tired dogs rest–they don’t bark.

If your dog has developed the nasty habit of barking for little or no reason, and you are not able to change their circumstances to halt this, you may want to look into using the citronella dog collar. The citronella spray collar works on the principle that an unpleasant surprise will stop your dog from barking. The collar emits a stream of natural citronella, which dogs apparently dislike, whenever they bark. It doesn’t take too long for your dog to associate the spray with his barking. Once he realizes this, he’ll usually do everything he can to avoid being sprayed.

Unlike the shock collar, the citronella dog collar is much more humane and it could be a good alternative in situations where other methods of preventing your dog from barking has not worked. It doesn?t hurt the animal, it just annoys him and the nice thing about it is that if it works your problems with your barking dog are answered. Generally, if it is going to work, it will only take a few days for your dog to realize he needs to keep quiet or get sprayed. Then, oftentimes, as long as your dog is wearing the collar he won’t bark.

The main drawback mentioned about this collar is that the spray can also be triggered by the sound of other dogs barking, or other loud noises. You’ll have to gauge in advance whether this type of collar will work in your situation. In any case, it is worth a try in situations where most other efforts have failed.

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